Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 7 – Above Below

Pushing the thoughts of the hole in the ground out of his mind Ao walked to the other side of the small clearing and pulled his training saber off his belt. Lousro had only trained him in lightsaber meditation techniques and not in any form of combat. Knowing that he was starting to lose the reflexes that had been drilled into him at the temple he began doing simple repetitions.

While going through a series of memorized blocking patterns Ao had a compelling feeling to try his personal comm again. They had tried a few times before but the thick forest had blocked the communication frequency. Ao finished the set, pulled out his comm, and punched the ship’s code in. Continue reading

Rebuilding Brangmar – Part 1

Four people fell from a portal onto the ground in front of a stone pillar. For one, a human female in a t-shirt that had a dragon on it and jeans with a bag labeled dice hanging from them, the pillar had English written on it. For another, a human male in leather armor with a short sword and a shield, the pillar had Armenian on it. When the third looked at the pillar, a man who seemed to breathe ice wearing cloth pants and a cloth sleeveless shirt holding a hammer and chisel, the pillar was covered in Nordic runes. For the last, an anthropomorphic salamander wearing scholarly robes and holding a thick tome that he appeared to have been reading, the pillar was written in Nevish runes. They were all drawn to read the entirety of the pillar. Continue reading

Terra Incognita – Chapter 4

As Sorley and Helena moved off to locate where Ember was last seen there was a howl behind them.

Sorley turned to glance at Helena. “I think that’s the wolf that knocked me out earlier.” His whisper carried too well in the glazed snow, and he dared not utter another sentence.

– – –

Ember ran from the wolf when it knocked Sorley out. She knew there was nothing she could do to help other than keep herself safe. She stuck out in the snow, and the only thing she could do was find a place to burrow and hide. Before she did, she took note of where Sorley was being taken and decided to hide on the other end of the camp. She saw green humanoid figures walking around followed by what appeared to be humans in chains and masks. Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 6 – The Cave

As Lousro and Ao approached the area of Lousro’s vision the sense of darkness thickened around them. A calming aura was coming from Ao, while an atmosphere of worry was emanating from Lousro.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Ao lifted a vine out of the way to let Lousro pass. “You’re more out of balance than I’ve ever sensed a Jedi.”

Lousro fluttered under the vine and waited for Ao. “I can’t shake the feeling that I’m leading us to a terrible fate.” Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 5 – A Vision of Darkness

Lousro sat on a damp branch, giving his wings a short rest. “I’ll meditate a while. See if I can locate the ship.” He paused for a moment, scratching at his toydarian survivalist beard. “Why don’t you do a handstand and lift as many sticks and stones into the air as you can while I meditate.

Eyes wide Ao nodded. “I’ll try, master.” Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 4 – Welcome to The Jungle

The landing ramp to the Scarecrow slowly opened revealing the jungle beyond. A horrendous screeching sound echoed through the ship as the ramp hit the open position.

“Awe, kriff! Tate, that tree did more damage than we thought. Don’t try to close the ramp. I’ll have to look at it after my training session.” A few beeps answered from the comm. “I know it’s bad for the ship and you to have this humidity inside, but you’ll just have to close all the bulkhead doors between the cargo bay and the rest of the ship. I’ll use the airlock on the side of the ship until it’s fixed.” There was a short flurry of beeps and whistles. “I’ll build a ramp or stairs or something, and you know you’ve said worse words than kriff in binary multiple times. You’re a bad influence on me.” Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 3 – Landing

The Scarecrow shuddered as it entered the humid atmosphere of Dagobah. Lousro and Ao were at the ramp waiting for the touchdown as T8-T3 piloted the ship.

Pressing the button for the comm Ao called out to T8-T3, “everything okay up there, Tate?”

Rapid beeps and whistles answered in a flustered manner as Lousro was forced to the floor by the ship lurching upward. The landing zone he had chosen from orbit was too unstable to safely land the ship, so T8-T3 had aborted the landing. Continue reading