31 Day Challenge – Day 2

This is what I wrote today, this is part of the origin for Snerrir Ingjaldsson of the Guardians of Humanity.

Halfway from where he was bit to his brother’s house, however, something came over him. It wasn’t long before he was taken over by it. It was a rage that swept through him. It was a rage at life, a rage at death, a rage at everything. Stopping in his tracks he felt his bones begin to grind against each other. An inhuman scream escaped from his lips, but it sounded almost more like a howl than a scream to all of those that heard the strange noise.

Sner ripped the silver medallion out from under his thick coat and threw it into the dark snow. The clouds parted for a moment and the moon shone directly onto Sner.

“I am Snerrir Ingjaldsson!” He barked into the night as the pain spread into his face. Bones that weren’t supposed to move ground together, reforming his face into a wolf’s. He howled into the night, his pain transferring into it and releasing from his body.

Many werewolves would agree that the first night is the hardest night to find yourself, but to Sner there was no self to find. His humanity had been ripped from him in the claws of the wolf form he now had. There was no turning back for him, he had one desire in his mind, and that was to find who had done this to him. Tracing his human scent back took him to the house of the woman who had helped set his broken arm that no longer had a break, then it led him passed the house, and to an area stained with his blood. It was hard to find any scent nearby, but after circling around for a while he smelled it, the musk of a wolf combined with the smell of a human. Werewolf.

Following the scent he found himself tracing a winding path back to his own house. The closer he got the stronger the scent became, until he was standing in front of the growling adversary.

The other werewolf, female, and smaller than the impression from the human part of his mind that was trapped in the mind of the wolf, began circling him. He followed suit, the new power of his transformation flowing through him like a river attempting to flood its banks. Then he pounced, he didn’t growl, or howl, or bark, or make any other sign that he was about to pounce, and landed with his paw on her throat. He reached down with his powerful jaws and wrapped them around her neck.

The female werewolf, knowing she was beaten smelled of submission, but the feral part of Sner wanted to rip her throat out anyways. Just then the human part of Sner broke free of its prison and released the female’s neck from his jaws.

The werewolf part of Sner wanted to be alpha male, but how could you be alpha male when you had no pack? This was the argument that the human part of his mind used against the wolf part of his mind. His reason won out and just as he was about to head back to his brother’s house with the female werewolf behind him the moon set and they were returned, excruciatingly, back to their original human forms.

He looked over to see the human face of his new follower, and realized that it was his wife that he had almost killed.

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