Guardians of Humanity – 2

“What’s going on?” Eirene of Sparta had just pushed someone away from her with only a thought.

“Witch!” Someone yelled from a nearby alley. At this Eirene realized that she had been marked. She ran to her home, the cold stone no longer reassuring her, and grabbed a few things to flee with. Bad things happened to witches in Greece.

When she felt like she had enough she turned to leave. That’s when her husband came into the room. She didn’t know why she didn’t hear the echo of his sandals on the stone, but she turned, picker her white tunic up above her knees and ran through another doorway, leaving him behind.

She ran as far and as fast as she could, leaving all of the stone structures behind her. When she had made it into the wilderness she found herself heading to a large, rocky hill. The closer she got the more she felt like she was being pulled there than she was running there of her own accord. By the time that she realized this, however, she was already inside a dark, damp cave. She looked around her, not sure what she was expecting.

Come forward my child.” A raspy, ancient voice called out from the darkness. “Come meet your mother, I have been waiting for you.” Stepping forward from the darkness was a hag. An ancient witch that survived by dark, forbidden magic. She was wrapped in a brown, stained garment.

“You are not my mother, she died 15 years ago.” Eirene said, scared for her life.

Is that what they told you?” Eirene looked at her face and realized that it looked familiar to her underneath the deep wrinkles and the long, grey hair and matching grey eyes. “You may not recognize me in this form, let me change for you.

The appearance of the woman in front of Eirene changed, slowly the features smoothed out and the wrinkles disappeared, her hair becoming blonde, but her eyes stayed grey. “What are you?” Eirene was even more scared now than before.

“I am an ancient witch, my dearie. You are the youngest in our bloodline.” The hag’s voice had changed from raspy and ancient to that of a young woman, around the same age as Eirene, in her early thirties.

Eirene’s green eyes widened to large orbs of fear highlighted by her blonde hair. “Y-you…you are a hag!”

“And you are a young witch who has just discovered her powers. Now that we are done stating the obvious you should follow me.” She turned around and walked back into the dark corner from which she appeared. Not sure what other choice she had Eirene followed her deeper into the cave.

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