Guardians of Humanity – 3

Just thought I would list all 12 of the council members and their races, both mythical and where they originate from.

1. Spiro Glynatsis, Greek Warlock

2. Hai Qin, Chinese Vampire

3. Molly Higgins, Irish Witch

4. Yoshie Nakajima (or Nakajima Yoshie as it would be in Japan), Japanese Witch

5. Octavianus Sevtarius Velius, Ancient Roman Vampire

6. Isaac Clark, English Warlock

7. Hulda Peters, German Witch

8. Kapila Rao, Indian Vampire

9. Eva Nizovtseva, Russian Werewolf

10. Snerrir “Sner” Ingjalsson, Icelandic Werewolf

11. Andali Windspeaker, Native American Warlock

12. Eirene of Sparta, Ancient Greek Witch

13. Neta Medakus, American Herbalist

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