Guardians of Humanity 1

I decided that in my book there were going to be supernaturals that are magically bound to protect and serve humanity. After using a random name generator I came up with 12 different characters, only a few of which I have created back-stories for so far. This is one of them:

“Step forward Hulda Peters, and meet your instructor.” The man in the hood made it sound more like a suggestion than an order, but Hulda knew better than that.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jürgen and I’ll be your instructor from now on.” She had heard of Jürgen before, he was a well-known warlock and witch trainer. He was known for having pupils that never went against the government, except for one. Nobody ever talked about him though.

“Nice to meet you too, Jürgen.” Hulda curtsied shallowly.

“No need for that, but thank you.” He turned and started walking. Hulda followed him hurriedly. “You are going to learn all about the Guardians of Humanity and what my work encompasses. I hope that you don’t follow Zach; he was the last warlock I was going to train for the post. Then he went and made a deal with a vampire and ended up getting turned. Only those with a seat in the Guardians are to be trusted.”

“Should I be wary of them even?” Hulda asked, unsure if she was allowed to.

“Good, you ask questions. When I say you can trust someone it doesn’t mean completely, anybody can turn into your enemy.” Jürgen stopped walking for a moment. “If you ever meet Zach, run in the other direction. He’s not to be trusted, ever.”

Something about the way that he said that made her even more curious. “Why? All witches and warlocks that are turned into vampires lose their abilities.”

“Around 99% do, yes, but not those that hail from the lineage of the original vampires. The first were able to have one child, and that child was a normal human. Those that survived were able to procreate, and eventually the bloodline mixed with witches and warlocks. Those with the blood of untainted vampires and a witch or warlock lineage are able to keep some powers and augment them into vampire abilities. That is why you must never listen to what he has to say, or even look into his eyes.”

“How do you know this?” Hulda asked.

“Research, I’ll let you look over the books after the meeting.” Jürgen opened the door at the end of the hallway and beckoned for her to enter first.

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