Guardians of Humanity – 4

The origin story of Andali Windspeaker featuring an appearance of Octavianus. This also accounts for today’s 500+ words.

Andali Windspeaker was born just like any other child. The only difference was that after he was born he floated upon the air. He was called a child of the Wind Brothers as he was born a Penobscot. By the time he could speak he talked so swiftly that nobody could understand him. It took him many years to be able to slow down his speech because he was talking at his natural pace.

It wasn’t long after becoming a man that Andali decided that it would be better for his brothers if he left them and became a hermit shaman. The tribe always claimed that his good fortune was due to his being a son of the wind and that the spirits looked kindly upon him no matter what he did.

After about two years after Andali had started his isolation and began to train his power over the wind he was approached by Octavianus Sevtorius Velius. This was hundreds of years even before the Vikings could claim to have discovered America; circa 750.

“Who comes to my place of dwelling?” Andali asked, wary of this man in strange garb. His garb looked as strange to Octavianus, with feathers sticking out of his leather clothing at seemingly random places. “Do you seek the council of a shaman?”

“I am Octavianus Sevtorius Velius of the Guardians of Humanity. I formerly hailed from the great empire of Rome which has since fallen. This is my first time in this area of the world.” Octavianus knew that it was strange that he could talk fluently in Andali’s native language when he had never been there before, so he explained himself. “I am able to speak any language having lived for over 1000 years I have learned the ins and outs of language.”

“For some reason I feel that I should both believe you, and yet be wary of you.” Andali said, as he began to do a ritual of divination. “I will know of how you came to be this way in a moment, do not interrupt me.” The wind rose and fell as Andali saw the bite from his cousin, the sword through the chest, the betrayal of his wife decades after he became a vampire, and finally the joining of the Guardians of Humanity when Rome was no more and he had nowhere to turn. “Very strange this beginning of yours, I wish to know more.”

“Then come with me, there is an opening on the council.” With that Octavianus turned, expecting Andali to follow him. After a while of walking alone he wondered if the magic had chosen the correct person for the position. That is when Andali suddenly showed up next to him, in a whirl of wind.

“Shall we move at a faster speed, vampire?” The word felt strange on his lips, but he knew that he would need to learn many new words if he were to join this council of the Guardians of Humanity. “I know you can run faster than I can with the wind.”

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