31 Day Challenge, Day 5

Here’s what I wrote for the Challenge today.

Andali Windspeaker arrived right when he meant to, when the people he was supposed to transport were unsure that he was even coming. He slowly lowered himself from the clouds and knocked on the door of the shack.

“Are you Andali?” Thomas asked. He had opened the door to see a Native American dressed in a leather garment with feathers sticking out of it at seemingly random spacing.

“That is correct. How many of you will I be transporting? I need to know so I can start.” Andali stepped away from the shack and started to gather the wind around him.

“There are going to be six of us, but how will you be transporting us?” Almost as if Andali had planned it the wind almost knocked Thomas off of his feet. “Never mind, Windspeaker.” Thomas went back into the shack to explain to everyone else what was going on. While he was talking to them he heard a bang. It almost sounded like a gun, but something was off about it.

Jayson was the first one to move. He ran out of the door to find Andali lying on the ground, he had a bullet hole through his heart, but not made by any bullet that Jayson knew of. “What happened?”

Andali turned to answer and saw the six of them staring at the hole in his chest. “It was the wind,” he coughed up some blood, “but someone else was controlling it.” He coughed, a spasm shaking his body, more blood spraying out of his mouth. “Tell Octavianus I’m sorry.” He laid still, the light gone from his eyes.

“I will.” Thomas leaned over and closed Andali’s lifeless eyelids. “I think we need to find another way back. The culprit seems to have either vanished, or used the wind to get rid of his scent.”

“Great, now we’re back to square one.” Ryan sat down on the ground, the energy drained from him.

“Dad?” John asked, turning towards his father. “Do you know where the nearest airport is? Since we all have ID on us we could just buy plane tickets back to Woodfalls.” John then turned to Sara, asking her a question without asking her.

“That’s a good plan,” Sara replied. “I would be happy to pay for everyone’s tickets.”

“It’s a few dozen miles away, but maybe we can commandeer one of the farm vehicles closer to here.” John was facing away from them, digging a grave with a shovel he had produced when they weren’t looking. “The only problem with that plan is I don’t have ID. We could always charter a flight though. I doubt that any of the flights from that airport go to Oregon anyways.”

Jayson walked back into the shack and sat down at the small table. He had started thinking, and he didn’t want the others to distract him. He knew how to get Thomas an ID once they had access to the internet, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do that for the man that had abused his best friend.

Outside Daren and Damio lowered the body of Andali on a sheet into the makeshift grave that Thomas had dug. Sara was sitting off to the side, wondering how Daren and Damio were taking this, but didn’t want to use her powers to find out. She could tell the emotions of those that she ‘fed’ off of, but she also liked to allow them their privacy in times of trouble.