Writing Yourself into a Corner

Recently, as I’ve been writing for my book I realized that I kept writing myself into corners. It takes me a few days sometimes, but eventually I realize a way to get myself out of the corner without erasing any paragraphs. Most recently I had given one of my main characters a house in another state. Thankfully I then realized, after a few days of taking a break, that he wasn’t in school, and the business that he was running he had trusted employees that he could have run it for him. He also has the option to open up a new location in the town that he now finds himself in. The rest of the main characters, except for a science teacher, are going to graduate in a month, excluding any unforeseen plot twists that I’m not sure about yet, and can actually move to the house. The house is fairly large, almost a mansion so I could also see my Guardians of Humanity setting it up as their base of operations, if I can think of a good enough reason to make it work. The point of this post is to tell people who have this problem that the easy answer, the erasing of a paragraph or two and rewriting out of the corner, is not the only option. If you go a while and you can’t think of a way to get out of your corner it’s fine to rewrite, but I find it much more satisfying when I am able to out think myself.