The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Venerii

Before humans strode through the realm of Nevre two races were at war. One of the races were giant lumbering beasts with six legs that sucked the life from the ground wherever they tread called erdaz. The other race was an intelligent race that knew if the erdaz were allowed to spread then the entire realm would die and they were called venerii. Venerii have six legs the front pair of which double as graspers and they have fur all over their bodies. They tend to stand on all sixes but occasionally will be seen standing on only four legs.

A single vener cannot fight an erdaz alone and must band together with at least three others to take out even the weakest one. At some time before humans came to the realm the venerii were able to remove all erdaz from the continent of Yeodiax. Once they confirmed they were removed the entire race went to the southern continent of Nezkidar to fight them there. When they arrived the erdaz had proliferated to the point that only the mountaintops had fetile land. The venerii became mountain dwellers and took back the coast just before magic re-entered the realm of Nevre.

Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Warlockes & Herbalists


  • Warlockes gain their power if and only if they have direct ancestors who were warlockes (or witches if using the old term for female warlockes). It is not known how the first warlocke gained magical abilities.
  • Spells consist of short focusing incantations and material components but can be cast at a weaker level without some or all materials.
  • Work better in groups, best in multiples of three.
  • Channeling a remote warlocke increases power.
  • Divination is done using reflective materials in conjunction with diamond dust and as such is very rarely done.
  • Practicing magic against the balance corrupts the caster, and practicing magic within the balance cleanses the user. Evil is not necessarily against the balance.
  • Going too far against the balance will cause the warlocke to lose their powers either temporarily or permanently.
  • Shared lineage increases the power of the spell.
  • Items can be enchanted.
  • A familiar can be chosen and is most commonly a small pet in current times.
  • A Grimoire is a book of spells that is written in latin and a secret warlocke language called thaumatish. Used to be only latin, but too many people have a passing knowledge of latin now.
  • A hag is an ancient female warlocke that has practiced evil magic and been corrupted by it. This is different from using magic against the balance.
  • Ancient warlockes were elder gods/goddesses respectively.



  • Those who are not warlockes but can make magical potions/poultices. Originally confused with witches (old term for female warlockes).
  • Herbalists use the inborn magical abilities of the herbs themselves.
  • The herbs are not as important as the ritual with which the herbalist gathers them.
  • Herbalists do not currently have any seats on The Protectors of Humanity council as they are considered non-magical creatures, a view which Octavianus is trying to change.

Character Backstories – Draveth

Draveth was a human with chalky white skin and dark black hair. When the story begins he was a journeyman smith that still hung out in his hometown of Golta at his old master’s forge. His parents both died when he was ten years old and he never stopped thinking about them.

When Draveth was around twelve years old a wandering paladin of The Kindness passed through Golta. The paladin told him many stories about the power of both The Kindness (the goddess) and of acts of kindness in general. Draveth began to read up on The Kindness and found that she also went by The Healer. He tried his hand at healing, but he had been a blacksmith’s apprentice for a while and his skills laid in that direction. He did his best to be kind and spread knowledge about Simisola both throughout the town and to travelers instead.

At one point in his teenage years the local populace started to call Draveth a priest, but he wanted to be known as a paladin. To show this he entered a small combat tournament that was in celebration of winter solstice. Draveth won handily using a small sword that he had made during his free time from scrap metal. Though the sword was battered and unusable by the end of the tournament he won it and against grown men too. He did his best to help those that he defeated in the tournament to recover quickly so as to show them kindness. He had hoped that the paladin would show up, but he was not at the tournament nor did Draveth ever see him in town again.

The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Humans

Humans in Nevre started out as regular people. They had no magical abilities and no innate powers. When they first came to the realm they were on the norther continent of Yeodiax. Humans quickly learned about the world and began to form small villages and eventually cities in the Great Plains of what would later be the country of Zentar. Over the course of a few centuries humans had spread all over the continent and to the islands nearby. After they had spread like this the humans saw that the skin of their children was becoming more pastel colors and less regular skin tones until the entire race of humans were pastel colors.

The small city-states of humanity began banding together into loose alliances and eventually into countries. Three of these countries eventually rose to the top; Aliaz, Ertval, and Zentar.

At a time of war between Aliaz and Zentar the country of Eliaz sent its ships from the northern area of Yeodiax down to the southern continent of Nezkidar to try to broker an alliance with the venerii. While diplomats were going through negotiations the king of Ertval collected his royal court, along with two dignitaries from Aliaz and Zentar who bickered constantly. He was holding a ceremony to combine a group of gems known as the Gems of Nevre that had either grown naturally or were made in such a way as to fit together like a puzzle to form a larger gemstone. When the gems were combined there was an explosion of energy and magic returned to the realm of Nevre.

Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Werewolves

  • A belt of wolf-skin can allow the wearer to control the transformation during the full moon.
  • Original werewolves were cursed by an elder goddess (witch) and the curse extends to the bitten by the cursed.
  • Weak to silver and wolfs-bane. Wolfs-bane is poisonous to humans if ingested in large quantities, but werewolves get superficially wounded by touch or major injury by ingestion of even a small amount.
  • When transforming under a full moon by force the werewolf takes the form of a large wolf the color of the pelt depending on the climate, not the werewolf’s heritage. When freed from the moon-cycle the transformation can be either anthropomorphic or full wolf.
  • Rudimentary communication with wolves while in wolf form.
  • Can be killed by decapitation, ripping limb from limb, by burning, or from the heart being removed. May be affected by some poisons especially those containing Wolfs-bane.
  • Some people do not turn into a full werewolf, but instead show the signs of hypertrichosis. This is the growth of hair more thickly in places where it either doesn’t usually grow, or where it usually grows thinly. The hair grows more quickly during a full moon, and the family or the individual is usually protected by a witch or warlocke to stop the curse from taking complete control.
  • Have a slightly heightened ability to persuade others and this ability gets better with practice. Is not like the vampiric ability so it can work on other supernaturals.
  • Augmented strength and speed, faster but weaker than vampires.
  • The cursed can be freed from the influence of the moon-cycle, but can still turn into a wolf.
  • If a person is turned into a werewolf by a werewolf that is directly from earlier in their bloodline, like a parent or grandparent, when the werewolf is freed from the moon-cycle they become a full shape-shifter able to take the form of any animal, but not a human. This was an unforeseen side-effect of the original curse.

Fractured Mountains Ch. 1

Dreekt walked off the boat. His sister glared at him. He wasn’t going to continue down the river to the ocean with his family, and they heard him talk about it all the way down through the Dulz Thicket. He clicked his short curved beak as he walked towards the village of dwarves that lived by the forest. His ebony feathers moved in a wave as he felt his sister continue glaring at his back. He pulled his cloak’s neck up and tried to ignore the feeling, careful not to catch his talon-like nails on the edge. Off to his left he noticed a human conversing loudly with a dwarf. The human glanced in his direction, bid farewell to the annoyed dwarf, and started walking towards him.

Dreekt sighed silently. Most humans still had a hatred for skravyn like him, even though the wars had ended hundreds of years ago. The human surprised him by placing a hand on his shoulder. It wasn’t a weighty hand that forced him to the ground like the last time a human had touched him. Rather, it felt reassuring. Continue reading

Character Backstories – Jayse

Jason was in a division of foot-men that a vampire ‘persuaded’ to stand still while he fed. Slightly bloated the vampire joined in the ranks to charge the redcoats in a very ill-advised attack. The entire division perished and the bodies were being thrown onto a pyre by travelers that happened by. Jason and a few others woke up as vampires and made their way out fo the area following the call of the one who created them. When they got there another vampire was driving a stake into the bloated vampire’s heart.

“Any of you want to end your existence?” The female vampire with reddish-brown hair asked. “I’m Sarina by the way.”

The other vampires that had been turned with Jason looked at the stake in her hand, grabbed sticks from the ground and killed themselves.

“Well, you’re still standing. Do you want to join me in my travels?”

“I guess so.”

“What’s your name soldier?”

“I’m Jas-.” Jason paused for a moment. “Call me Jayse.”

“Well, you’re strong of mind. Come with me, Jayse.”

The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Overview

The two original races of Nevre were humans and venerii. The human race splintered off into nine races (dwarves, elves, halflings, humans, riverfolk, skravyn, variin, wicks, and zarxii) including a human race that had skin colors as various as the colors in a rainbow. Venerii were only located on the southern continent of Nezkidar and after a thousand years with no sightings were turned into myths and legends. The salamen arose from magical energies that turned a clutch of strange salamanders into smaller sentient creatures.

Full list of intelligent races: Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Human, Riverfolk, Salamen, Skravyn, Varin, Vener, Wick, and Zarx

Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Vampire

  • Feed on blood. Human blood gives better nutrients, but they can feed on any blood including the blood of another vampire, but this is not done lightly.
  • After overfeeding the vampire is bloated for a short amount of time.
  • Not impervious to light, but only affects the eyes of the vampire in intense sunlight. Without sunglasses or cloud cover direct sunlight in the eyes will blind the vampire until the vampire’s next feeding, or several days.
  • Killed by staking through the heart, getting shot through the heart by a wooden bullet/arrow, being burned, ripped limb from limb, and the heart being removed. While not always fatal a werewolf bite will at a minimum incapacitate the vampire for at least half an hour.
  • In order to turn into a vampire you must die within a day of being bit by a vampire.
  • Aloe Vera will harm a vampire superficially in small doses, but all injuries are temporary.
  • Must be invited into a house by the owner. If there is no owner or permanent resident they need no invitation. This invitation will last until the owner changes. If the owner is a vampire there is no reason to get an invitation.
  • Many work the graveyard shift to avoid sunlight.
  • Some vampires feed on emotions and can use this as sustenance instead of blood. Continually feeding on the same person can cause that person to go brain-dead. This takes several years to happen.
  • Vampires have a psychic ability to persuade other non-supernaturals to do almost anything. Gets better with practice. Can work on warlockes and witches if they aren’t prepared.
  • Augmented speed and strength, stronger than werewolves but slower.
  • The race was created by an elder god (warlocke) and ended up rebelling against him.
  • Immune to all poisons as they don’t absorb anything other than the constituents of human/animal blood.

Two Years?!

Apparently, it’s been two years since I posted anything on this blog. I dropped the Warlocke Chronicles story into the “finish when I actually know what I’m doing” file and since then I threw another story into that file as well. I am currently working on a fantasy story set in the realm of Nevre. I also am working on a pen and paper RPG based in the same realm and am using some of those mechanics to guide me through the story adding a ‘random element’ in. I plan on posting some excerpts of the story here along with race descriptions.