Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Vampire

  • Feed on blood. Human blood gives better nutrients, but they can feed on any blood including the blood of another vampire, but this is not done lightly.
  • After overfeeding the vampire is bloated for a short amount of time.
  • Not impervious to light, but only affects the eyes of the vampire in intense sunlight. Without sunglasses or cloud cover direct sunlight in the eyes will blind the vampire until the vampire’s next feeding, or several days.
  • Killed by staking through the heart, getting shot through the heart by a wooden bullet/arrow, being burned, ripped limb from limb, and the heart being removed. While not always fatal a werewolf bite will at a minimum incapacitate the vampire for at least half an hour.
  • In order to turn into a vampire you must die within a day of being bit by a vampire.
  • Aloe Vera will harm a vampire superficially in small doses, but all injuries are temporary.
  • Must be invited into a house by the owner. If there is no owner or permanent resident they need no invitation. This invitation will last until the owner changes. If the owner is a vampire there is no reason to get an invitation.
  • Many work the graveyard shift to avoid sunlight.
  • Some vampires feed on emotions and can use this as sustenance instead of blood. Continually feeding on the same person can cause that person to go brain-dead. This takes several years to happen.
  • Vampires have a psychic ability to persuade other non-supernaturals to do almost anything. Gets better with practice. Can work on warlockes and witches if they aren’t prepared.
  • Augmented speed and strength, stronger than werewolves but slower.
  • The race was created by an elder god (warlocke) and ended up rebelling against him.
  • Immune to all poisons as they don’t absorb anything other than the constituents of human/animal blood.

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