Fractured Mountains Ch. 1

Dreekt walked off the boat. His sister glared at him. He wasn’t going to continue down the river to the ocean with his family, and they heard him talk about it all the way down through the Dulz Thicket. He clicked his short curved beak as he walked towards the village of dwarves that lived by the forest. His ebony feathers moved in a wave as he felt his sister continue glaring at his back. He pulled his cloak’s neck up and tried to ignore the feeling, careful not to catch his talon-like nails on the edge. Off to his left he noticed a human conversing loudly with a dwarf. The human glanced in his direction, bid farewell to the annoyed dwarf, and started walking towards him.

Dreekt sighed silently. Most humans still had a hatred for skravyn like him, even though the wars had ended hundreds of years ago. The human surprised him by placing a hand on his shoulder. It wasn’t a weighty hand that forced him to the ground like the last time a human had touched him. Rather, it felt reassuring. Continue reading