Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Werewolves

  • A belt of wolf-skin can allow the wearer to control the transformation during the full moon.
  • Original werewolves were cursed by an elder goddess (witch) and the curse extends to the bitten by the cursed.
  • Weak to silver and wolfs-bane. Wolfs-bane is poisonous to humans if ingested in large quantities, but werewolves get superficially wounded by touch or major injury by ingestion of even a small amount.
  • When transforming under a full moon by force the werewolf takes the form of a large wolf the color of the pelt depending on the climate, not the werewolf’s heritage. When freed from the moon-cycle the transformation can be either anthropomorphic or full wolf.
  • Rudimentary communication with wolves while in wolf form.
  • Can be killed by decapitation, ripping limb from limb, by burning, or from the heart being removed. May be affected by some poisons especially those containing Wolfs-bane.
  • Some people do not turn into a full werewolf, but instead show the signs of hypertrichosis. This is the growth of hair more thickly in places where it either doesn’t usually grow, or where it usually grows thinly. The hair grows more quickly during a full moon, and the family or the individual is usually protected by a witch or warlocke to stop the curse from taking complete control.
  • Have a slightly heightened ability to persuade others and this ability gets better with practice. Is not like the vampiric ability so it can work on other supernaturals.
  • Augmented strength and speed, faster but weaker than vampires.
  • The cursed can be freed from the influence of the moon-cycle, but can still turn into a wolf.
  • If a person is turned into a werewolf by a werewolf that is directly from earlier in their bloodline, like a parent or grandparent, when the werewolf is freed from the moon-cycle they become a full shape-shifter able to take the form of any animal, but not a human. This was an unforeseen side-effect of the original curse.

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