The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Humans

Humans in Nevre started out as regular people. They had no magical abilities and no innate powers. When they first came to the realm they were on the norther continent of Yeodiax. Humans quickly learned about the world and began to form small villages and eventually cities in the Great Plains of what would later be the country of Zentar. Over the course of a few centuries humans had spread all over the continent and to the islands nearby. After they had spread like this the humans saw that the skin of their children was becoming more pastel colors and less regular skin tones until the entire race of humans were pastel colors.

The small city-states of humanity began banding together into loose alliances and eventually into countries. Three of these countries eventually rose to the top; Aliaz, Ertval, and Zentar.

At a time of war between Aliaz and Zentar the country of Eliaz sent its ships from the northern area of Yeodiax down to the southern continent of Nezkidar to try to broker an alliance with the venerii. While diplomats were going through negotiations the king of Ertval collected his royal court, along with two dignitaries from Aliaz and Zentar who bickered constantly. He was holding a ceremony to combine a group of gems known as the Gems of Nevre that had either grown naturally or were made in such a way as to fit together like a puzzle to form a larger gemstone. When the gems were combined there was an explosion of energy and magic returned to the realm of Nevre.