Character Backstories – Draveth

Draveth was a human with chalky white skin and dark black hair. When the story begins he was a journeyman smith that still hung out in his hometown of Golta at his old master’s forge. His parents both died when he was ten years old and he never stopped thinking about them.

When Draveth was around twelve years old a wandering paladin of The Kindness passed through Golta. The paladin told him many stories about the power of both The Kindness (the goddess) and of acts of kindness in general. Draveth began to read up on The Kindness and found that she also went by The Healer. He tried his hand at healing, but he had been a blacksmith’s apprentice for a while and his skills laid in that direction. He did his best to be kind and spread knowledge about Simisola both throughout the town and to travelers instead.

At one point in his teenage years the local populace started to call Draveth a priest, but he wanted to be known as a paladin. To show this he entered a small combat tournament that was in celebration of winter solstice. Draveth won handily using a small sword that he had made during his free time from scrap metal. Though the sword was battered and unusable by the end of the tournament he won it and against grown men too. He did his best to help those that he defeated in the tournament to recover quickly so as to show them kindness. He had hoped that the paladin would show up, but he was not at the tournament nor did Draveth ever see him in town again.