The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Venerii

Before humans strode through the realm of Nevre two races were at war. One of the races were giant lumbering beasts with six legs that sucked the life from the ground wherever they tread called erdaz. The other race was an intelligent race that knew if the erdaz were allowed to spread then the entire realm would die and they were called venerii. Venerii have six legs the front pair of which double as graspers and they have fur all over their bodies. They tend to stand on all sixes but occasionally will be seen standing on only four legs.

A single vener cannot fight an erdaz alone and must band together with at least three others to take out even the weakest one. At some time before humans came to the realm the venerii were able to remove all erdaz from the continent of Yeodiax. Once they confirmed they were removed the entire race went to the southern continent of Nezkidar to fight them there. When they arrived the erdaz had proliferated to the point that only the mountaintops had fetile land. The venerii became mountain dwellers and took back the coast just before magic re-entered the realm of Nevre.