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Sorry there was no post this week. I was house sitting for a neighbor all weekend and forgot to post. I have no excuse other than bad time management, however as I had the time to write a post while there. I will be continuing next week; I don’t want to rush a post for this week and have it be garbage.

Fractured Mountains Ch. 3

Gaem helped set up camp as well as he could in his ferret form. This mostly consisted of collecting firewood. When the others started assigning watches for the night he volunteered for the first watch, and if Dreekt didn’t show up in time he would take the second watch as well. He settled outside the warmth of the fire so he wouldn’t fall asleep, and transformed into his humanoid form. He waited to do this until the sound around the fire had settled down. He pulled the humanoid armor from his pack and put it on. Alongside this armor were plates that would go onto his back in his animal form. He stood for a while, a jagged, two handed katana strapped to his back. His skin was red and white patched just like his fur had been, and his hair had the same colors. It took him almost ten minutes to realize that he couldn’t hear his companions breathing by the fire. At the same time as he made this revelation Dreekt ran around a bend and came into sight. Continue reading

Slower Pace

For just over a month I tried out an accelerated pace of posts on this blog. I will not be continuing this pace and will start posting once a week. Don’t worry, this post doesn’t count for this week!


World of Souls Intro

[This book is set in the same universe as both Fractured Mountains and Warlocke Chronicles but set in a distant future. This book will focus on the ISS Dominiot and its crew. It gives me something to work on when the other two stories hit writer’s block.]

Blavet Jowren (Yow-ren) was born in 4512 AWT (After Warp Travel) by the human calendar. He was born on the ISS (InterStellar Ship) Dominiot which was a small freighter owned by his parents. He was not just born on the ship, however, he was also born while in warp.

Blavet was an emris. Emris had three eyes that were large black orbs with the third eye being slightly above the plane of the other two. The race was covered in fur that was found in all hues of blues, greens, and in-between. They had a vaguely human build with two slits for a nose and human hands where both their hands and feet would be. They also had a long prehensile monkey-like tail that was usually around one and a half meters in length. Continue reading

Character Backstories – Dreekt and Kreet

Dreekt and Kreet were both born in the outskirts of Rentaz, the Capitol of Zentar. Being siblings they knew the same people and being skravyn most of the people they knew didn’t like them.

Worst of all were the humans. It seemed like most all of them went out of their way to verbally assault skravyn. Especially children. They did know some great humans who cared just as much for them as they did their own children, but as they got older fewer nice humans noticed them.

About the time they were full-grown (the age of 14 for skravyn) they didn’t notice any good in humans. They knew it was there because they had witnessed it, but it became harder for them to believe it.

One day their parents caught wind of a prophecy. Dark Under was set to attack Rentaz through The Cave. They didn’t tell their children anything specific but said Dark Under forces were amassing. Overik was far from any Dark Under entrances so it would be safe they thought.

Dreekt and Kreet never made it to Overik however as they left the boat at different stops along the river. Something was calling them north, and Dreekt knew he would never go to Overik. Kreet disillusioned herself that she would go with their parents but at the stop after she left the boat, planning to meet up with Dreekt.

The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Dwarves

The race of dwarves was originally an offshoot of humans who chose to live in the mines they worked in. They went into the Fractured Mountains mines early in the history of humanity in the realm of Nevre and as such they have regular skin tones that tend to be lighter in color. Dwarves loved the caves and the scant food that grew in them so much that the environment eventually shaped them. Tall humans, before they became dwarves, left the caves early because they couldn’t build the ceilings very high inside the caves. The stockier people survived in the caves longer as they were more likely to survive cave-ins and beards and hair became important as they had a difficult time keeping the caves warm at first.

Current day in Nevre finds the dwarves above ground. This came about when a small group of foolish dwarves decided they wanted to destroy an ominous portal they found in Dark Under with lava. When the lava came close to the portal it activated and sent tremors through the caves that caused the lava to instead flow into the dwarven capital cities. While many dwarven clans are content to stay above the surface and don’t care to reclaim their homeland a single clan has allied themselves with The Commander to clear out the Dark Under creatures from their cities and reclaim them. The reclamation was only necessary because magic was reintroduced to the realm of Nevre.

Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Seekers

  • Humans that are non-magical can sometimes sense magical creatures
  • The strength of the power can be anywhere between a tingling in the back of their minds to an almost radar type sense of location.
  • The degrees of the power go from no difference between the types of creatures to the ability to sense what the creature is.
  • Seekers don’t have a bloodline and two seekers don’t necessarily have a seeker as a child.
  • There have only been two strong seekers with a high degree of the power. Anja Dahl in the late tenth century and Eric Hillam in the early fifteenth century.
  • Seekers with both strength and power often find themselves networking for magical creatures often without realizing it.
  • Up until the late tenth century seekers were assumed to be myth and legend.
  • Some warlockes have the theory that the next powerful seeker is already alive and hasn’t realized what they can do yet.

Fractured Mountains Ch. 2

It didn’t take long for Kreet to realize that her brother was serious about getting off of the boat. She had hoped at first that he wasn’t serious about leaving their parents and her behind, but quickly realized that he needed this. He needed to be able to spread his wings, metaphorically, and fly by himself; without their parents, or her, to catch him when he fell. He needed to know that he could do things by himself.

“Father, would you kindly shut up?” She had finally had enough of his complaints against Dreekt. Dreekt had talked the captain into refunding the cost of the rest of the trip to father before he left, but in father’s eyes he was a disrespectful son. No matter that she and her brother were both old enough to be adults by skravyn standard. Father wanted them to act a certain way. When they didn’t he wouldn’t talk to them for a week. Oh, he would answer their questions and ask them to do something, but there was no conversation. Continue reading

Character Backstories – Thomas and John Part One: Thomas

[I have previously written out about half of Thomas’ backstory as a short story and that is what I’m using here – or finishing here. The novella style background story will end with Part Two: John]

The year was 1710. Thomas had just gotten married to his sweetheart Jane. They were both living in the Oregon Territory together by 1723. Thomas was spending his free time, which he had plenty of as a friend of the nearby Tillamook tribe, building cabins for future settlers. Thomas and his wife bickered constantly about why they moved all the way to the Oregon Territory only to live by themselves. After a few more years they had a son that they named John after Jane’s father.

“Take John with you to the still. I want some time to myself!” Jane yelled out the door before Thomas could take off. She put the four-year old up on the seat of the homemade wagon that Thomas was pulling and went back into the house. She didn’t appreciate always dealing with the four-year old running around at her feet while Thomas was out.

Continue reading