Warlocke Chronicles Race Overviews – Seekers

  • Humans that are non-magical can sometimes sense magical creatures
  • The strength of the power can be anywhere between a tingling in the back of their minds to an almost radar type sense of location.
  • The degrees of the power go from no difference between the types of creatures to the ability to sense what the creature is.
  • Seekers don’t have a bloodline and two seekers don’t necessarily have a seeker as a child.
  • There have only been two strong seekers with a high degree of the power. Anja Dahl in the late tenth century and Eric Hillam in the early fifteenth century.
  • Seekers with both strength and power often find themselves networking for magical creatures often without realizing it.
  • Up until the late tenth century seekers were assumed to be myth and legend.
  • Some warlockes have the theory that the next powerful seeker is already alive and hasn’t realized what they can do yet.

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