The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Skravyn


Above are sketches I made to help me better describe the race of skravyn. The strangest looking thing – I feel – that I put in the sketch is the human ears.

Magic had flooded into Nevre when the gems were combined. Magic was reintroduced into the realm and greedy humans harnessed the power to their own ends. The magic twisted their forms into grotesque creatures. Only a few who just dipped into the darkness survived to carry on their lineage. Eventually they became a bird-like race with wings that could carry them into the skies. The night-black feathers grew with an unnatural darkness around them and their ears were still human, reminding all where they had come from.

One day the other races of the continent of Yeodiax banded together in a loose alliance to entrap the race in a shadow realm. The armies retreated into a vast cave network that was controlled by the dwarves. As the dark creatures rushed after their prey to finish them off the entrance to the cave was filled with boulders. All but one of the exits from the cavern were caved in and the creatures had no choice but to push forward.

Eventually they came to a tunnel with what seemed like sunlight on the other side. When they exited the tunnel, however, there was a large cave the size of a city hewn from the rock. When they realized they had been tricked they turned to fly back out, but there was no entrance. The rock had fused back together.

A few thousand years had passed since the dark and twisted people were forced into the cave. A lava flow was redirected by a group of dwarves to destroy what they thought was a dark crystal formation feeding Dark Under’s dark powers. What they didn’t know is that the crystals were actually holding back the worst of the dark magic that wanted to re-enter the world. As the lava started to consume the crystals it was again redirected into dwarven cities, but the damage was already done.

The side of the cavern exploded inward with great force. The wingless bird people with human ears that called themselves skravyn explored the rend in their home. What they found was a clear path up to the surface of the world. For the first time in two thousand or so years the people twisted by dark magics saw real sunlight. There was a human settlement within sight and they began to walk towards it, expecting to find more skravyn.

The humans saw the approaching skravyn and thought of the evil twisted men from their legends. The warriors among them took up arms and killed three-quarters of the skravyn before the rest of them ran for their lives. The humans would later call this slaughter the first skravyn war, as they later attacked a settlement of skravyn who were prepared to drive them off.

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