The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Wicks

[Wicks are a race thought up by my friend who I’ll call Dragonnight3. I have edited the lore and description, but the idea is his.]

Description: Wicks are similar to a humanoid living candle their flame is contained within the skull area so even though they tend to travel hooded and concealed their glowing eyes are clearly visible. Their skin is waxy and some say the flame in their head is literal while others say the glowing is just bioluminescence. Continue reading

A Nevre Creation Myth & The Ebb and Flow of Magic

When the realm of Nevre was created magic was in the air, the water, the fire, and the ground of the world. Out of this magic there arose four races.

The first was of the air and were the great yeodiax. With great creativity they could have learned many great things, but could focus on nothing for long and never did.

The second was of the water and were the unknown serventers. They can make all pure by touch alone, but have not been seen in recorded memory.

The third was of the fire and are the erdaz. They hunger for the destruction of all and are now secluded to Nezkidar and are still being fought at all cost.

The fourth was of the ground and are the venerii. They strive to cleanse the realm of the erdaz as they remove all life from the ground the sea and the air all. Continue reading

The gods of Nevre

Most of the known gods in Nevre used to be humans, but it is likely that other gods hide among mortals. If a god is not human its race will be listed after a semicolon.

god – title(s): domains; race (if non-human)

Adalet – The Justice, The Vengeance: justice and revenge

Alaia (Hande) – The Goof: debauchery and partying

Amir – The Commander: armies and command

Ana – The Burning Ice: ice, fire, and nature

Avron – The Smith: smithing and metal

Bremvan – The Balance: life and death; salaman

Doran – The Wanderer: travel and madness

Ellain – The Vicious: war and cruelty

Emyr – The King: ruling and usurping

Frevren – The Alchemist: alchemy and force

Gormaliev – The Calculating: prophecy and machinations; fae

Haizea – The Drowned: air and water; elf

Irfan – The Scholar: stories both true and false, exchange

The Jester – The Jester: destiny(journey) and wishes

Kemp – The Warrior: war and honor

Kiawk – The Mimic: mimicry and illusion; skravyn

Mrto – The Desecrator: necromancy and death

Rajendra -The Coward: fearfulness and cowardice

Simisola – The Healer, The Kindness: healing, kindness, and destiny(fruition)

??? – The Executioner

Stigr – The Pathfinder: time and prophecy

Syb – The Sentry: protection and guidance; American goldfinch

Taika – The Sorceress: battlemagic and transmutation

Taithleach – The Sneak: assassination and thievery

Tibdast – The Messenger: quests and dissemination of information; gnome

Zdenko – The Tinkerer: technology and learning

6/16/2017: Added Stigr; 8/15/17: Added Zdenko, updated Irfan; 11/7/17: Added Taika; 7/2/18: Added Bremvan and Gomaliev; 7/3/18: Added Ana; 7/4/18: Added Avron and Frevren; 7/5/18: Added Ellain; 9/26/2018: Updated *Spoiler* to Adalet; 12/13/2018: Updated Ana’s and Gormaliev’s domains, added Kiawk; 1/21/2019: Added Tibdast; 1/31/2019: Added Haizea; 2/6/2019: updated Ellain’s domains; 2/15/2019: added a placeholder name ??? with the tentative title The Executioner; 2/21/19: updated Kiawk’s domains; 8/14/19: added Syb; 12/19/19: updated Syb

The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Salamen

img_0302When the skravyn were locked away in the tunnels below Nevre there was an unforeseen consequence. The dark magic that had not been sealed well enough while the skravyn had been. The dark magics that seeped through the seal on the skravyn’s prison created an area known as Dark Under. In this place cave dwelling creatures’ forms began to twist and reorient into creatures of dark magic. Continue reading