The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Salamen

img_0302When the skravyn were locked away in the tunnels below Nevre there was an unforeseen consequence. The dark magic that had not been sealed well enough while the skravyn had been. The dark magics that seeped through the seal on the skravyn’s prison created an area known as Dark Under. In this place cave dwelling creatures’ forms began to twist and reorient into creatures of dark magic.

Among the cave dwellers was an ancient race of hexiforms called strange salamanders. This race was older than even the venerii, but could not protect themselves from the dark magic. One clutch of eggs was too close to the maelstrom of dark magic and when it hatched the creatures that ventured forth were the salamen. They were smaller and had lost the ability to shoot acid from their mouths but they were able to resist the effects of acid and survived the wrath of their mother.

Resembling humans in height and build the salamen have an extra set of arms coming out from their mid torso. These arms are half as long as the upper set and have three fingers instead of four. Salamen have the heads of earthly salamanders and have translucent skin on their chest and belly. They have pale leathery scales that have colors as numerous as humans’ skin. The ends of their fingers and toes are bulbous and have no nails. Strangely, unlike their giant cousins they have no tails.

Being one of the “dark races”, or races that came from Dark Under, many creatures are suspicious of them. However, once a salaman has shown his loyalty there are few who would not want to have them as a friend.

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