The gods of Nevre

Most of the known gods in Nevre used to be humans, but it is likely that other gods hide among mortals. If a god is not human its race will be listed after a semicolon.

god – title(s): domains; race (if non-human)

Adalet – The Justice, The Vengeance: justice and revenge

Alaia (Hande) – The Goof: debauchery and partying

Amir – The Commander: armies and command

Ana – The Burning Ice: ice, fire, and nature

Avron – The Smith: smithing and metal

Bremvan – The Balance: life and death; salaman

Doran – The Wanderer: travel and madness

Ellain – The Vicious: war and cruelty

Emyr – The King: ruling and usurping

Frevren – The Alchemist: alchemy and force

Gormaliev – The Calculating: prophecy and machinations; fae

Haizea – The Drowned: air and water; elf

Irfan – The Scholar: stories both true and false, exchange

The Jester – The Jester: destiny(journey) and wishes

Kemp – The Warrior: war and honor

Kiawk – The Mimic: mimicry and illusion; skravyn

Mrto – The Desecrator: necromancy and death

Rajendra -The Coward: fearfulness and cowardice

Simisola – The Healer, The Kindness: healing, kindness, and destiny(fruition)

??? – The Executioner

Stigr – The Pathfinder: time and prophecy

Syb – The Sentry: protection and guidance; American goldfinch

Taika – The Sorceress: battlemagic and transmutation

Taithleach – The Sneak: assassination and thievery

Tibdast – The Messenger: quests and dissemination of information; gnome

Zdenko – The Tinkerer: technology and learning

6/16/2017: Added Stigr; 8/15/17: Added Zdenko, updated Irfan; 11/7/17: Added Taika; 7/2/18: Added Bremvan and Gomaliev; 7/3/18: Added Ana; 7/4/18: Added Avron and Frevren; 7/5/18: Added Ellain; 9/26/2018: Updated *Spoiler* to Adalet; 12/13/2018: Updated Ana’s and Gormaliev’s domains, added Kiawk; 1/21/2019: Added Tibdast; 1/31/2019: Added Haizea; 2/6/2019: updated Ellain’s domains; 2/15/2019: added a placeholder name ??? with the tentative title The Executioner; 2/21/19: updated Kiawk’s domains; 8/14/19: added Syb; 12/19/19: updated Syb

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