The gods of Nevre

Most of the known gods in Nevre used to be humans, but it is likely that other gods hide among mortals. The Balance is the first god from Nevre to obtain godhood through a means not tied to The Fount of The Gods, he is a Salaman. The Calculating is a goddess from another realm, she is Fey.

god – title(s): domains

Adalet – The Justice, The Vengeance: justice and revenge

Alaia (Hande) – The Goof: debauchery and partying

Amir – The Commander: armies and command

Ana – The Burning Ice: cold and fire

Avron – The Smith: smithing and metal

Bremvan – The Balance: life and death

Doran – The Wanderer: travel and madness

Ellain – The Vicious: war and punishment

Emyr – The King: ruling and usurping

Frevren – The Alchemist: alchemy and force

Gormaliev – The Calculating: prophecy and nature [note: she is from another realm]

Irfan – The Scholar: stories both true and false, exchange

The Jester – The Jester: destiny(journey) and wishes

Kemp – The Warrior: war and honor

Mrto – The Desecrator: necromancy and death

Rajendra -The Coward: fearfulness and cowardice

Simisola – The Healer, The Kindness: healing, kindness, and destiny(fruition)

Stigr – The Pathfinder: time and prophecy

Taika – The Sorceress: battlemagic and transmutation

Taithleach – The Sneak: assassination and thievery

Zdenko – The Tinkerer: technology and learning

Edit 6/16/2017: Added Stigr; 8/15/17: Added Zdenko, updated Irfan; 11/7/17: Added Taika; 7/2/18: Added Bremvan and Gomaliev; 7/3/18: Added Ana; 7/4/18: Added Avron and Frevren; 7/5/18: Added Ellain; 9/26/2018: Updated *Spoiler* to Adalet

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