A Nevre Creation Myth & The Ebb and Flow of Magic

When the realm of Nevre was created magic was in the air, the water, the fire, and the ground of the world. Out of this magic there arose four races.

The first was of the air and were the great yeodiax. With great creativity they could have learned many great things, but could focus on nothing for long and never did.

The second was of the water and were the unknown serventers. They can make all pure by touch alone, but have not been seen in recorded memory.

The third was of the fire and are the erdaz. They hunger for the destruction of all and are now secluded to Nezkidar and are still being fought at all cost.

The fourth was of the ground and are the venerii. They strive to cleanse the realm of the erdaz as they remove all life from the ground the sea and the air all.

The first time that magic left the realm was the last the venerii saw of the yeodiax and the serventers. Not only did the venerii lose the best offense they had against the erdaz – magic – they were also almost wiped out. Over the course of centuries they were able to retake the coast of Nezkidar from the erdaz just in time for human ambassadors from the continent of Yeodiax to land on the shore.

The venerii and the humans didn’t know what to make of each other at first. The humans were bipedal with two arms and the colors of the rainbow. The venerii were six legged with the front legs doubling as grasping arms and were all earthy reds and browns. The humans spoke their language and the venerii spoke theirs teaching each other their languages. Before long the venerii told the humans of the war that was raging between them and the erdaz. The humans didn’t believe them at first and were invited on a hunt to see the beasts first hand.

The ground was dying at the very presence of the erdaz and was turning grey around them; this was in stark contrast to their bright red muscles that were exposed to the air. Once they were aware of this they left behind their best warriors to exchange tactics while they made the month long voyage back home. Shortly after they had returned home magic flooded back into the realm creating the human gods and possibly other unknown gods. This also allowed the few venerii who still knew the old ways to fight with magic, but they didn’t know that erdaz were able to use magic too. The fight got both easier and harder at the same time.

For around a thousand years the fount of the gods would allow magic to flow in the realm until one day it stopped. Nobody knew why, least of all the gods themselves. The item they had used to reintroduce magic into Nevre was still whole and the pieces were fused together. They remembered that when they put it together they didn’t know that magic would flow out of it so they all searched the realm to find something else to reintroduce magic. Eventually all but The Jester and Simisola gave up on finding a new source of magic. The two friends would lead many adventurers on quests that had a chance to find a source of magic and would eventually discover a new source on Nezkidar in a strange location…

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