The Intelligent Races of Nevre – Wicks

[Wicks are a race thought up by my friend who I’ll call Dragonnight3. I have edited the lore and description, but the idea is his.]

Description: Wicks are similar to a humanoid living candle their flame is contained within the skull area so even though they tend to travel hooded and concealed their glowing eyes are clearly visible. Their skin is waxy and some say the flame in their head is literal while others say the glowing is just bioluminescence.

Lore: What wicks were before has long been forgotten, all that is known is that they are descended from a man who made a deal. This deal would become known as The Deal. What he wished was that his children and their lineage would always make a change in the world, not just rot away toiling in some menial task. So The Jester; he who is many but one, the one without face, the incomprehensible, he without motive; gave him what he wanted.

Wicks never live long and generally die in gruesome or painful manners and they are unusually heroic. Dieing to hold off a horde of ravenous ghouls, losing limbs to stave off a curse or plague, the list goes on. To their chagrin they are good at getting others to help them in suicidal endeavors for the good of the world, or a small corner of it. Often their blessing leads them to items to help them in their “quests” but most Wicks know the meaning behind this; they are soon to burn out.

Though few remain of their people, some in the other races believe that many of these world ending events are caused to fulfill The Deal. As a result many Wicks are despised. The Wicks know there is a connection but believe The Jester wants to prevent them from finding a way out of The Deal.

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