Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 3

Two templar in full plate entered the clearing, a dwarf priest and a halfling in soft leather following close behind. There was no sign of the four humans who had been there earlier.

“Priest, can you still learn of that?” The templar with black pauldrons asked the priest, pointing at a barely visible object in the sky.

“It’s too far away, but I’ll attempt it if you wish.” The priest pointed at the object and began to murmur something. Continue reading

Character Backstories – Thomas and John Part 2: John

John had been living on North Rona island with his father for the past 16 years. It was 1739 and John had just turned twenty. North Rona was the current seat of The Guardians of Humanity, it being rarely traveled to. Local Warlockes that called themselves druids had helped to lay the enchantments that would cause people to overlook the settlement. The shepherds knew about the settlement because they couldn’t live there without noticing, but they just never remembered to mention to anyone there was a village there.

Working for The Guardians of Humanity had its perks, but John knew that the past sixteen years of transformations was starting to take a psychological toll on his father. Continue reading

Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 2

Haru set the lander down in a wide clearing and ran a quick atmosphere check. There was a larger than normal amount of smoke in the air. There was a slight haze, but nothing that could cause permanent damage to her lungs. She had also made sure that she landed in a different forest from the one that was burning.

Continue reading