Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 1

Haru Johnson cursed to herself as the alarms in the ship indicated unscheduled warp drop. The ship was low on fuel for sub-warp flight and if the ship was pulling out of warp early there was little chance of a clear shot to a star.

“Computer,” Haru said in a clear voice of command. “What is the sub-warp fuel level?”


Haru swore to herself again then the ship stopped abruptly and slammed into something. She lost consciousness for a moment then the ship pumped emergency stims into her arm.

An emergency pack slid from a compartment to Haru’s right and lowered slowly to the floor. As she watched it falling to the floor she realized that it shouldn’t be. The ship had no artificial gravity because her government was too cheap to use it, even for an ambassador.

“What happened, ship?”


Glancing out of the cockpit window Haru noticed the back half of the ship was next to her. She almost didn’t notice the small vegetation. At this gravity small plants meant almost no atmosphere. “Send distress beacon. Then give me information on NVR-2.”

On the display in front of her Haru got a readout of the planet. The information was need to know. Apparently crashing into the planet’s moon gives need to know access, Haru thought. The planet was not just habitable this was the first planet humans had inhabited.

Before she could read the information an alarm started beeping softly. UNKNOWN TRANSMISSION blinked on the display. She tapped the accept button.

Fifty zipped files about ten terabytes each started downloading slowly. Current tech would have already beamed the entire package of data, but Haru realized this tech would have to be ancient. She was able to return to the information she already had on file while the information downloaded in the background. It didn’t take long for her to decide to prep the shuttle.

The shuttle on the ship was in the forward section and had miraculously stayed attached during the crash. Haru installed the last of the solar energy plates before going through preflight. The download from the ancient satellites had been forwarded with her distress signal. She figured that the information would speed up her rescue if for nothing more than reclaiming Nevre.
– – –
Ahlev, a black and green older male salaman in a grey robe, saw a movement in the sky and rushed to his telescope. He had designed it with mirrors and as such others assumed it showed things wrong. Ahlev knew better.

“Ahlev, do you see something?” Dohner, a young male elf in yellow-green robes, asked hopefully. They had been hoping to spot a certain comet to prove the usefulness of the telescope.

“Yes, but not what you think.” Ahlev moved the telescope and gazed through it. “Starfall, but it’s a controlled decent. The object is heading towards the clearing. Are you rested enough to cast comprehend?”

Sighing slightly Dohner nodded then said, “yes. I don’t have much reason to increase my fatigue in our line of work.”

A pack landed at Dohner’s side. “Let’s go, then.” Ahlev tossed his pack onto his back and walked briskly toward the door, pausing only to grab a couple of his tinkerer devices.

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