Character Backstories – Thomas and John Part 2: John

John had been living on North Rona island with his father for the past 16 years. It was 1739 and John had just turned twenty. North Rona was the current seat of The Guardians of Humanity, it being rarely traveled to. Local Warlockes that called themselves druids had helped to lay the enchantments that would cause people to overlook the settlement. The shepherds knew about the settlement because they couldn’t live there without noticing, but they just never remembered to mention to anyone there was a village there.

Working for The Guardians of Humanity had its perks, but John knew that the past sixteen years of transformations was starting to take a psychological toll on his father.Thomas loved his job, but he had never reconciled with what happened to his wife. He blamed himself and the people who inadvertently gave him these powers. He wanted to die the night his son saved him, but then who would take care of him?

Now that John was able to support himself through working with The Guardians of Humanity Thomas began to drink heavily. He still was able to work and his liver had no problems because of his new abilities. The downside was how much he needed to drink to get drunk. Then, after drinking just enough, it never lasted for more than a few minutes.

“Andali, I’m worried about my father. I know the alcohol doesn’t hurt him physically, but it certainly isn’t doing any good either.” John and Andali were walking along the edge of an ocean cliff.

“Firewater in small doses is not harmful, but if my people were to drink even a small portion of what your father does they would be disconnected from the earth. White men seem born disconnected so they don’t feel it happening. The corruption of mind and body.”

“I think the problem is the corruption of the mind is faster when the body is unaffected.” John turned to face Andali, stopping. “I heard there’s a group of warlockes searching for a cure for part of the curse. I want to help them all I can.”

Andali nodded slowly. “What do you want my help with? Convincing Thomas to stop drinking or help in the research though I know little of how other warlockes work?” Andali shook his head sadly. “I cannot convince your father to stop if you cannot, but I will give the warlockes all the knowledge and lore that I have on the condition.”

“I heard they’re starting to call the condition lycanthropy and the person a lycanthrope.” John shook his head. “I understand we need something to call them by, but we need more researchers focused on the curse itself.”

“Agreed. I will send for some more of my people. The ones who know all our lore.”

– – –

John walked in to his father’s house. “I’m here!”

“You might as well leave. I don’t need your help, I figured it out.”

“You know that’s not why I came.” The house smelled like Irish whiskey. This seemed to be what affected Thomas for the longest. “I’m here to ask you to participate in a new experiment to halt the transformation permanently. If yo-”

Thomas lunged at John from behind. Sinking his human teeth into his son’s arm. Then he pulled away and spoke with a slur in his voice. “Maybee theys can exsperiment on yew nao!”

– – –

Andali sat next to John’s bed as he shivered. “Well, where would we find this Sarina the former warlocke? We need to stop this if we can and from what I hear she knows much about this curse.”

“She’s in the new world now, on the east side of it. She went to talk to some vampires there. Trying to get them to at least enter negotiations with The Guardians of Humanity.”

“When John wakes, give him this charm and send him there.” He handed the nurse a wolf-fur and bone charm. “This will give him some mental control as a wolf.”

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