Return to Space or The Crash pt. 4

Representative Mc Kazhel stared at the viewer, taking in the information. He turned to an information bot standing next to him. “So, is this genuine?”


The representative pulled on his cloak and started walking towards the door. “Tell the Supreme Governor I will be taking Representative Sagtov with me to have an emrys present. We will be the forward scouts for the expedition.” He pressed a crystal embedded next to his door and it whirred sideways into the wall for him to pass. The door shut behind him.

– – –

Mc Kazhel’s personal ship was cleared for takeoff less than four hours later. The government was willing to give the two Representatives time off, but since they were putting together an expedition to send to the NVR system they wouldn’t cover the cost of travel.

– – –

As Haru, Ahlev, and Dohner cut north-west through the forest they came into a strange clearing. There were no trails leading into or out of it, and yet there was a small town. The chimneys had smoke coming out of them and the town-square had a gigantic tree stump used as a meeting location.

“Hello there!” A voice in common echoed through the clearing. “Welcome to the town of Mad Cedar. We very rarely get any visitors or traders. We’re a bit wary of strangers as you can imagine.” A salaman hopped off the stump and walked towards them. “What brings you here?”

“We’re trying to avoid the Tinkerer’s Templar. This woman comes from the stars and given their track record they probably want to vivisect her or the like.”

The salaman stared at them for a moment waiting for the truth then realized they were serious. “You’re welcome here tonight, but tomorrow we’ll need to have a bard verify your story.”

– – –

“This is Representatives Mc Kazhel and Sagtov requesting permission to take off,” said Mc Kazhel flipping the last few switches on his dashboard.

“You are clear for take off Representatives. Safe journey.”

Sagtov sat in the copilot’ seat. “All checks clear.” His three eyes stared at the navigation chart and his tail twitched with impatience. “It’s not all that far off really, is it?”

“Just a few hours in warp and we should be there. Imagine the first flight from earth without warp technology. Must’ve taken centuries of deep sleep to get there. Humans still didn’t have warp by then.”

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