This Gand

For those of you who don’t know about the Gand culture in Star Wars I’ll give you a brief description from Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook on page 47:

Society: Gands have a closed culture. What is known about them is that religion and life are closely entwined. A gathering of elders called the Ruetsavii observes the various religious sects that represent the virtues of Gand life. Off-worlders are most familiar with the religious sect known as the “findsmen”. These are the Gand who leave their home planet on ritualistic hunts to catch prey and bring divine blessings to their people. Many other sects are rumored to exist, particularly in the fields of genetics, medicine, and engineering, but their exact natures are unknown.

This doesn’t really help show what Gand culture is really like, so here is a quote from the Gand/legends page that is the second paragraph under the Society and Culture section on Wookieepedia:

Gand society placed heavy importance on the achievements of an individual and held that an individual had no name, and thus no worth, until he or she proved otherwise. The speech patterns of Gands utilized third-person self-reference within each level of identity earned. Young or unproven Gands were all called “Gand,” as they were considered merely aspects of the same whole. Major accomplishments earned the use of a family surname. Mastering a skill, such as becoming a findsman, allowed for the use of the given name, all with third-person self-reference. This manner of speaking was common within the spoken and written Gand language but was more predominant when a Gand spoke Basic; it was often a source of amusement to outsiders. At least one Gand, Ooryl Qrygg, expressed confusion as to what a pronoun was.

This particular Gand is not a findsman nor has he earned either of his names. He is a quartermaster that currently works for The Way of Balance temple on Vergaiun. He also buys and sells things for a profit for the temple and keeps ten percent of the earnings. Little is known about him or where he came from, the him is even in question as they don’t use pronouns. He is very open to the prospect of finding a particular niche he can hold in the temple or one of its annexes.

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