The Way of Balance

The Way of Balance is an offshoot of the Jedi Order. After the First Jedi Purge a new order arose from the ashes of the Jedi alongside them. They believed that anyone who was Force Sensitive should be trained before their powers either went wild, drew them deep into the Dark Side, or became dormant and stagnant. At first this was the only way they differed from the Jedi Order and were seen as a sect within the order.

Later, under the guidance of Master Renald (a male human), the sect moved to a planet called Vergaiun because of a possible vergence located there. Upon discovering that while it wasn’t a vergence the planet was more connected to the Force than most planets the sect stayed their.

Master Renald, being one of the students found as an adult, began to weave his own philosophy of life into the teachings of the sect. In so doing he made The Way of Balance into a separate order from the Jedi Order. His teachings allowed for the use of darker powers as long as the person using them did not fuel them with strong emotions. They were trained to only use Dark Side affiliated powers in a very limited capacity so as not to upset the balance of the Force.

Treading lightly on the Dark Side and drawing mostly from the Light Side allowed the strong-willed to remain untainted, while those who were deemed too tied to their emotions were sent to train at the Jedi Temple on Dantooine. Vergaiun and Dantooine happen to both be in the same sector of space known as the Raioballo sector the journey to that temple was short and swift.

One other change that came about a few generations later was the change from using the Jedi Order’s rankings to the rankings of craftsmen. The students were known as Trainees (Younglings was a term that ground on the adults), the Padawan equivalent were known as Apprentices, the Knight equivalent were known as Journeymen, and the Master equivalent was still known as Masters.

Mechanically I use these rules for characters from this Force Tradition:

  • Once per SESSION ignore the first conflict generated by a Dark Side Force expenditure. (If not using morality then the first Dark Side pip spent per SESSION does not require a Light Side Destiny Point to be flipped.)
  • Once per FORCE CHECK ignore the first strain generated by a Dark Side Force expenditure.

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