Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 7

“Casting spells directly at the Erdaz is ineffective, but casting a spell to affect the environment around an Erdaz or to drop a large object on an Erdaz works perfectly. As such we will be learning non-direct combat spells.” The Sorcerer began, her hat in hand. “Now, somebody try to transmute my hat into a shard of metal. You there, the woman in the back. Haru, I believe. I know you just found how to harness the magic of Nevre, but you cannot harm me.” Continue reading

Darth Teslief Pt. 2

Geof and Carii were restless on the shuttle flight to the Sith command ship named The Impaler. Once on board the Nexu ran down the corridor with the Kath Hound close behind. “Try to get them to end up in my quarters. Close hatches and doors to guide them and keep personnel out of their way as best you can.”

“Yes, m’lord.” The captain motioned to a computer tech who hurried to the nearest console. “If you’ll follow me I will lead you to your quarters or the bridge or wherever you wish to go first.” The captain was an Echani male, no doubt placed here because of his species’ culture surrounding combat. Continue reading

Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 6

Haru awoke and pulled the softly glowing tracker out from under her shirt. She went outside to the morning sun and saw Dohner meditating on the dewy grass. She approached lightly. “Apparently somebody’s tracking me.”

“Tracking you? How is that possible?” Dohner asked, opening his eyes and looking at the glowing crystal embedded in the necklace.

“Somebody must’ve got my signal and sent out a rescue ship.” Haru pulled the orbital communicator from her pant’s pocket. “I’m going to make a call.”

Ahlev stuck his head out of the small hut he was assigned over the night and looked quizzically at Dohner who gave a short explanation.

Continue reading

Darth Teslief Pt. 1

Darth Teslief approached the Sith Council Chambers, fear gripping her. It could be worse, I could be going to see the emperor, she reminded herself. The Sith Lords of the council had ordered her to dispatch her disappointment of an apprentice Lousro Rohao (who pronounced his name as lusor). Not only were his Force abilities not manifesting quickly enough, he was also a Toydarian. The Sith Empire had a thing against non-human and non-sith species but were willing to train them to be Sith so they would not fall to the Jedi. Unfortunately Lousro had fled to the Jedi when he caught wind of his master’s plan. Now she stood in front of the large stone doors, trying not to fidget with her twin lightsabers and failing horribly. Continue reading

Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 5

Representative Mc Kazel landed his personal ship next to the crash on Nevre’s moon.

“Well,” Sagtov said surveying the wreck, “at least the bridge survived the crash. It also looks like the lander was able to launch.” He paused a moment, his greenish-blue tail flicking back and forth. His three black eyes didn’t show that he changed his focus to the computer screen in front of him as he began to link into the crashed ship’s computers. “Computer uplink is still running. No surprise considering we got the infoburst at warp speeds.” Continue reading