Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 5

Representative Mc Kazel landed his personal ship next to the crash on Nevre’s moon.

“Well,” Sagtov said surveying the wreck, “at least the bridge survived the crash. It also looks like the lander was able to launch.” He paused a moment, his greenish-blue tail flicking back and forth. His three black eyes didn’t show that he changed his focus to the computer screen in front of him as he began to link into the crashed ship’s computers. “Computer uplink is still running. No surprise considering we got the infoburst at warp speeds.”

“Good. The transponder on the shuttle shows it in geosynchronous orbit above a forest tagged as Forest of the Elves.” Mc Kazel shook his head. “Strange fantasy-esque name for the place, but then again you’re a psionic and I’m a warlocke so that’s actually not as weird as it could be.”

“Pulling up the last transmission from the crash before Haru entered warp.” Sagtov displayed the recording on the dashboard.

“Ambassadorial ship, please power down and prepare for boarding.” -King’s Protectorate

“Why do you need to board my ship?” -Haru

“The king’s jewel is missing and you were the last person known to be in the throne room.”

“You do realize I took off immediately after the negotiations and was on cams all the way to my ship, right?”

“If you are going to be hostile we will fire upon you.”

“When did talking out the situation turn into hostility?”

“That’s it! Fire upon-”

-Transmission End-

“Well, that’s strange. The report we got says the jewel was out for cleaning and the King forgot. There was nothing about them firing at our ambassador. Send this transmission back to the Supreme Governor. He needs to know that aggressive negotiations need to begin, or if he so wishes a war for firing upon a registered ambassadorial craft.”

“Agreed.” Sagtov flipped a switch on the opposite side of the small ship with the hand on the end of his leg then typed into his console. “Transmission sent with suggestion to be more aggressive in future negotiations.”

“Alright, let’s land near Haru’s tracker. In my past line of work I found forests tend to mess with trackers.” Mc Kazel pressed a few buttons on the flight console and started steering the ship towards the planet.

– – –

“Odd, my tracker activated.” Haru pulled a small item from her shirt that was vibrating slightly. It was connected to a necklace-like string of metal. “I hope it’s uncle Jorgan that’s tracking me.”

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