Darth Teslief Pt. 1

Darth Teslief approached the Sith Council Chambers, fear gripping her. It could be worse, I could be going to see the emperor, she reminded herself. The Sith Lords of the council had ordered her to dispatch her disappointment of an apprentice Lousro Rohao (who pronounced his name as lusor). Not only were his Force abilities not manifesting quickly enough, he was also a Toydarian. The Sith Empire had a thing against non-human and non-sith species but were willing to train them to be Sith so they would not fall to the Jedi. Unfortunately Lousro had fled to the Jedi when he caught wind of his master’s plan. Now she stood in front of the large stone doors, trying not to fidget with her twin lightsabers and failing horribly. Continue reading