Darth Teslief Pt. 1

Darth Teslief approached the Sith Council Chambers, fear gripping her. It could be worse, I could be going to see the emperor, she reminded herself. The Sith Lords of the council had ordered her to dispatch her disappointment of an apprentice Lousro Rohao (who pronounced his name as lusor). Not only were his Force abilities not manifesting quickly enough, he was also a Toydarian. The Sith Empire had a thing against non-human and non-sith species but were willing to train them to be Sith so they would not fall to the Jedi. Unfortunately Lousro had fled to the Jedi when he caught wind of his master’s plan. Now she stood in front of the large stone doors, trying not to fidget with her twin lightsabers and failing horribly.

The stone doors creaked open slowly with no indication of how they were moving. “Enter, Darth Teslief and face the Sith Council.”

It took a moment for her feet to obey her as she gathered herself and approached the council. As she looked around she saw the masks that covered the council members’ faces. Though it was known who sat on the council it was not known who was speaking to you at any given time. Darth Telief kneeled before the Sith Council, waiting for them to instigate the conversation.

“Arise, Teslief. Tell us why you think we called you here.” It was a male voice, probably human.

Darth Teslief winced slightly. It was a sign of disrespect to drop the ‘darth’ in an official setting. She rose to her feet slowly, thinking of other reasons besides Lousro that she may have been called to the Sith Council, maybe they were letting her go to the front lines as both a punishment and as an opportunity, but she went with her gut feeling. “I assume this has to do with my former apprentice, being called in so shortly after he escaped my grasp.”

“Yes, Darth Teslief, that is certainly part of it, but we wish to offer you a chance to prove yourself.” Another male voice this time oddly reminiscent of a flowing waterfall. Was there an aquatic Sith Lord on the council? Teslief knew their names, but not their species. “It was not an unanimous decision, but you will be sent to lead the assault on Dantooine.”

“You will bombard the surface from orbit, and reduce the temple to dust.” This time it was a female voice. Darth Krendis, the only female currently on the Sith Council. “Then you will lead the troopers on the surface to kill any surviving Jedi and occupy the planet.”

“You will receive further orders after the occupation is underway.” The waterfall voice again. “Do not fail us again. Dismissed.”

Bowing deeply Darth Teslief backed out of the council chambers. Then she turned swiftly and made her way to her chambers. She checked her computer console and saw her official orders. She was to leave in three hours. “Kriff,” she murmured under her breath as she gathered the essentials then rushed to her personal air-speeder. It took a few moments to coax her nexu, Carii, into the speeder but her kath hound, Geof, hopped right in.

“Why do the spaceports have to be so far from the capitol. This is Teiz, the seat of the emperor. If I were him I would want the spaceport close by for convenience if nothing else.” Darth Teslief had gotten into the habit of talking to her pets, and it was now second nature to her.

Streaking towards the spaceport with barely a minute to spare Darth Teslief wondered to herself why the Jedi temple Dantooine was important enough to occupy with sith troopers.

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