Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 6

Haru awoke and pulled the softly glowing tracker out from under her shirt. She went outside to the morning sun and saw Dohner meditating on the dewy grass. She approached lightly. “Apparently somebody’s tracking me.”

“Tracking you? How is that possible?” Dohner asked, opening his eyes and looking at the glowing crystal embedded in the necklace.

“Somebody must’ve got my signal and sent out a rescue ship.” Haru pulled the orbital communicator from her pant’s pocket. “I’m going to make a call.”

Ahlev stuck his head out of the small hut he was assigned over the night and looked quizzically at Dohner who gave a short explanation.

“This is Haru Johnson, ambassador of the Interspecies Alliance. I request the name of the person or persons tracking me.” Haro spoke into a crystalline object with some wires and metal connected to it.

“This is Representative Sagtov. It is good to hear you Ambassador Johnson. Representative McKazel is also here and we are heading for your location presently.”

“It’s good to hear your voice, even if you refuse to use contractions mister emrys.”

“Now, now Haru. We both know that emrys don’t use contractions ’cause they don’t have them in their native tongue.” Representative McKazel interjected. “Though, sometimes it does make them unnecessarily long winded…like me.”

“See you soon, uncle Representative Jorgan McKazel.” Haru turned off the communicator and stored the crystal in her pocket. She turned to look at Ahler and Dohner. “Well, I need to talk to whoever is in charge in this country when my friends get here. Do you know where that is?”

Ahler looked to Dohner for a translation and after he was given one the two of them had a short conversation in common. Dohner turned to Haru and said, “yes, but we aren’t sure that the elf king will want to see you or if he will turn you away.”

Haru smirked, “what if we land a spaceship in his front lawn?”

“That just might work.”

– – –

“Just so you know,” Jorgan said, “the actual observation fleet will be here in two days. We could just wait for them.”

“Actually,” Representative Alaan Sagtov interrupted, “we have more authority than the fleet does. We are two representatives from the council and an ambassador chosen by said council. The fleet will mostly be manned by military men that are ordered only to observe. We alone have the authority to speak to the local populace.”

“Very well, prepare for landing. I’m not sure why we needed to bring those two, but I’d suggest teaching them how to fasten their own restraints if they’ll be coming with us again.”

The small, now cramped, ship took off from the small village in the southern end of the Forest of the Elves and swiftly flew to the northern end of the large forest, then beyond.

“Yes, this is the location. With Haru’s previous suggestion I would recommend landing in the front lawn of the palace. That’ll get their attention nicely.”

Jorgan nodded slightly. “I agree with her too, Dohner. Are you certain that you can use your magics to allow us to understand each other?”

“If I can’t the king will surely have his own bard that can perform the spell.”

– – –

The king insisted on using his own bard to activate the translation spell. His advisors had wanted him to attack the interlopers immediately, but after seeing the technology they held he waited to see what they wanted before instigating the massacre of his own people.

The two representatives and the ambassador knelt before the king, awaiting his word before speaking.

“Well, if you can understand me now we can start.” The elf king stood from his ornate living wood throne. “Rise and we will discuss.”

Haru, Jorgan, and Alaan rose to their feet. Haru addressed the king first. “Oh elfin king. We wish to speak with you about the planet of Nevre as a whole and of Nevre’s possible integration into our spacefaring society. We come to you first because I came to ground in your country first and thought it ill to approach another kingdom before you.”

“Yes, that sounds like a good decision. However, I’m sure you realize that I can only speak for my kingdom with any confidence. As much as I would love to make decisions for the other three kingdoms for peace with your people I cannot. Before I give you any advice, however, I would love to hear a little of your civilization. I can infer that you are a collection of planets if you want to speak of the planet as a whole, but I need more information about your government and you of mine.”

“We would be pleased to swap tales of our civilizations and governments. Our friend Dohner,” Haru motioned far behind where Dohner and Ahlev were waiting, “mentioned that while you are a king your children do not necessarily inherit your throne.”

“Well, let me explain…”

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