Darth Teslief Pt. 3

Getting pulled out of hyperspace prematurely was a feeling not many had felt. Usually this happened when calculations were off and the ship detected a stellar object in the way. Usually this ended in the destruction of the ship and the death of the crew so there were very few who could describe the sensation. This particular pull from hyperspace was unique. There was no large stellar object in the way, but rather an organic mass that was expelling much larger gravity waves than it could possibly generate naturally.Darth Teslief and Captain Erabor Verik’s turbolift stopped and the doors opened to a corridor. Turning to walk towards the bridge a kath hound and nexu followed closely behind. The short walk had them at the bridge in moments.

“Well, what are we stopped in the middle of nowhere for?” Erabor asked to no one in particular.

The navigator stood up from her station and saluted the captain. “Sir, we got gravity alarms and I acted as quickly as I could, but when we reverted to real-space this organic thing was the only object detectable.” She motioned towards the command console where the image of a blue-button esque rust-orange creature with spots of dull blue appeared. “I don’t know what it is, and the ship database doesn’t seem to have an entry either.”

Teslief turned toward Erabor and waited to see what he would do, she could tell he too was hiding his surprise well.

“We have a xenobiologist onboard. Bring him out to look at it. There are many things we don’t have record of.”

“I’m bringing him up. You got here so quickly we only had time to issue general quarters and signal him to come to the bridge.” The lieutenant who was on duty addressed them. He paused for a moment then looked pensive. “Sir, what is the usual procedure for gravity phenomena?”

Darth Teslief spoke, “there is no usual procedure. We’ll just need to react and if it comes to it blow the thing out of existence. It shouldn’t be too hard. How far away is it?”

“It’s a few hundred kliks away.” Captain Verik said looking at the display in front of him. “According to sensors it’s as big as we are. That’s not the biggest space creature recorded, but it’s still big.”

Reaching out in the force Teslief tried to get a sense of the creature. What she found surprised her. “There’s lifeforms inside the creature, like a few dozen, but I can’t sense the life of the creature itself.”

A human limped onto the bridge. One of his legs was a couple centimeters shorter than the other, but he had always refused treatment for it. He saluted and said, “Grant Klev, lead xenobiologist reporting for duty sir.” The left leg of his silver officer’s uniform dragged on the floor, the strap that shortened it dragging with it. “Permission to fix my pant’s leg before I start said duty?”

Captain Verik sighed. “Permission granted, as long as you listen to the briefing while doing so.”

– – –

“I have research papers here somewhere… Darci! Do you know where my world-creature notes are!?” Flimsiplast notes covered the walls, and now the floor, of Grant Klev’s office.

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