Darth Teslief and Other NPC Stat Blocks

Darth Teslief (Human, Female, Force using Inquisitor)

Brawn: 5, Agility: 3, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 3, Willpower: 3, Presence: 3

Derived Stats
Defense: 1/1, Soak: 7, Wounds: 25, Strain: 23

Athletics: 3, Coercion: 3, Cool: 2, Coordination: 3, Discipline: 1, Leadership: 1, Perception: 2, Vigilance: 2, Lightsaber: 4, Melee: 2, Brawl: 3, All Knowledge Skills: 2

Adversary 3, Force Rating: 4, Parry 4, Mental Bond, Share Pain, Fearsome 3, Swift

Force Powers
Move: Full Tree, Sense: Full Tree

Lightsaber: Damage 6, Engaged, Critical 2, Lightsaber, Breach 1
Shoto Saber: Damage 5, Engaged, Critical 2, Accurate 1, Breach 1, Sunder
Armored Robes (sith): Defense 1, Soak 2

Teslief has a Force bond with two creatures, a standard stat Nexu named Carii and a standard stat Kath Hound named Geof

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Rasaz, a Species in the Skye Born Universe

The rasaz hail from the mostly-molten planet Rasazakina. They live on the southern pole where the planet has most of its solid landmass. Experts are unsure as to why exactly so much of the surface has refused to cool and harden.

Ape-like in appearance the rasaz usually have red-hued fur and are around eight feet tall. Unlike earth gorillas their chests are covered with fur. They are slow for their size; at walking speed a human can easily keep up with a walking rasaz. Their arms are strong enough to rip the arms off almost any other species in the galaxy, but the rasaz that does this is considered to have gone mad. The female of the species is slightly larger and stronger. Xenologers have stated this evolved in the ancient past when the males would be required to defeat a rasaz female in order to mate with them.

While they are mostly pacifists many species still think of them as hostile and reckless. There are many rasaz who act as mercenaries and bounty hunters, ruining the reputation of the species as a whole.

One famous rasaz was given a honor medal for saving the lives of fifty children by holding up the broken support beam at the center of a mixed-species daycare for an hour. Unfortunately the medal was awarded posthumously because the rest of the building collapsed before she could be saved.