Darth Teslief Pt. 4

On an unknown world in wild space:

“The world ship is discovered. Give the order to attack. The ship must not be recorded.”

“Very well. I’ll send the order myself.”

– – –

“Ah, here they are.” Grant Klev held a spiral bound stack of flimsi in his hand. “Found them, Darci!”

“No need to yell, I’m right here.”

“Sorry, I need to get this back up to the bridge as quickly as I can. I’ll see you later.” He patted the dark brown bothan on the shoulder as he hobbled quickly towards the turbolift. “Can you clean that up for me? I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

“Will do, but if you think I’m going to organize it you’ve got another thing coming.” Darci turned to the flimsi ridden floor and shook her head. “The things I-” she was cut off as the ship lurched and an alarm started to blare.

Over the ship’s comms the crew heard: “All hands to battlestations! This is not a drill!”

– – –

A large, glowing cluster of objects from the size of a small pebble to a large rock streaked towards the Impaler. The ship’s sensors detected them too late as some of the larger masses struck the hull. The entire ship rocked from the impact and Captain Verik immediately ordered everyone to battlestations.

“Where did that come from?” Darth Teslief nearly yelled at the sensor officer.

“Ma’am it came from the creature in front of us. I had to throw the shields up myself, but some of the larger objects struck the hull before they came online.” The officer was madly typing into her terminal. “It appears to have come from the creature.”

The comm on the bridge beeped and Captain Verik punched the answer button. “This had better be important!”

“This is Grant Klev. That isn’t a creature, it’s a living ship. I call it the World Creature. I assume it just shot some sort of projectiles at us. If we can take out the gun emplacements the threat will be neutralized. I’m sending an image to your console now.”

“Very well.” The captain switched off the comm. “All guns concentrate where those attacks originated from on the creature. Images of the gun emplacements will be forwarded to your targeting computers when I have it.”

“The creature appears to already be wounded, sir. I believe that’s why we were caught in its gravity well.” The sensor officer started to mark weak points on the creature.

“I’m forwarding the image now. It appears that while there is a specific shape associated with the weapons they are unlikely to be identical. We need all personnel not on critical combat duties to help paint targets. Begin evasive maneuvers and bring back some of our fleet we may n-”

“Incoming bombardment, brace yourselves!” The ship shook violently again as the shields were struck.

“Scratch that, call back the whole fleet. We’re going to need concentrated fire. That thing doesn’t appear to be taking much damage.”

Darth Teslief peered through the front viewscreen. “Fore cameras, zoom in on sector five and forward the picture to my data pad.” After a few seconds an image appeared on her datapad. “I need space troopers and a space combat suit. They’re sending drop pods to the port bow.”

“Troopers dispatched ma’am. A suit will be waiting you at the fore airlock. Hopefully you won’t be needed by the time you get there.”

There was another impact and the ship shuddered again. “Are we having any success in targeting the weapon emplacements?” Captain Verik turned as he heard someone shuffling out of the turbolift. “Ah, Grant. I need you to help mark targets for out gunners.”

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