Return to Space or The Crash Pt. 8

A large Erdaz roared in pain and collapsed onto the ground. The strange amalgamation of muscles gripped in their death throes. A giant boulder had landed on the creature’s neck, breaking it in twain. Dozens of soldiers rushed away from the impact zone. In death an Erdaz began to slowly release all of the life force it had absorbed so sometimes soldiers who had been wounded would have their wounds closed as the Erdaz died, but if you were caught under the falling Erdaz there was no saving you.

Kemp slowly approached Amir, smiling wearily. “Well, friend. That’s one more down.” His smile became a grimace, “the casualties were high this time. We lost several dozen veterans.”

“In this war they’re veterans after their first week. I do regret the loss, but on the larger end of things we are getting much closer to the end.” Amir sighed, this was many more casualties than when he helped the dwarves reclaim their kingdom from the Dark Under. Close quarters fighting in caves was messy, but the Erdaz could kill without even trying.

The Jester approached the two gods of war. They hadn’t heard him approach, but they weren’t alert to regular footsteps in this campaign. “Well, how are my two friends? I take it the corpse over there means we’re getting better in our tactics?”

“Where is Mrto? We could use some of his trained marksmen for our next fight.” Amir surveyed the valley as best he could from their position. “There’s at least a dozen more Erdaz in this small valley alone. The laisour gugans, or whatever they’re called, are very effective on the Erdaz.”

A roar of an Erdaz in pain rumbled through the valley. Kemp cursed and turned towards the sound at the same time as the other two. “I thought we were done for the day. That sounds like somebody took it into their own hands to attack.”

The Jester chuckled, “that’ll be Mrto. I was about to explain he was setting up his followers in positions all around the valley. I’ll leave you three aspects of war alone now. The Healer needs me.” He disappeared with a small popping sound.

“Those things are called laser guns, by the way.”

“I know what they’re called. I just need to make fun of them because I don’t know what will happen after this purge is over. Will the cult of Mrto lay down the laser guns, or will they use them as a new terror tactic?”

“I hope they’ll set them down.” Kemp pointed at the ship orbiting Nevre, it wasn’t visible but they both knew what he was pointing at. “If they don’t that has a kill code for all of the laser guns given to Mrto’s cult.”

“I hope it doesn’t come to that.” Amir donned his helmet and motioned to Kemp to follow him.

Kemp donned his helmet as well and followed Amir back into camp.

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