Terra Incognita – Chapter 2

Marcus and Ayla were rustling through the house gathering all of their belongings and spell components into the cart. Ember and Sorley were setting up a long-term invisibility spell on the cart and themselves when they heard the sound of thunder. They looked up and saw dark stormclouds in the distance moving towards the house.

“Dad, a storm is coming!” Sorley pushed the cart in through the front door.

“Shast. Here, let me help you.” Marcus started pulling the cart too, then turned his head to yell into the house. “Ayla! We’re gonna need plan b!” Continue reading

Darth Teslief Pt. 6

As Teslief advanced through the fire of biological slugthrowers she was able to get a better read on the strange creatures in front of her. She turned on her helmet cam and sent the feed over her comm channel. “I’m sending you my live footage now.”

“I’ll patch it to Grant.”

“And send the acolytes instead of the elites. The ones that can enhance themselves.”

“Are they Force sensitive?”

“Just the opposite.” Teslief sighed with annoyance. “They don’t have a Force presence. I can’t even push them out here, there’s no air pressure to work with.” Teslief paused as she intercepted a projectile. “Just get them out here ASAP.” Continue reading

Return to Space or The Crash Epilogue

[The eradication of the Erdaz has completed. The Kindness and The Jester meet up on a small planet near to Nevre.]

“Jester,” Simisola began, “I feel that before we took to the stars things were more simple.”

The Jester walked two alcoholic beverages to the table and set them down. “Well, perhaps it was, but I find it more exciting this way.” He leaned back and took a long pull of his beverage. “Sometimes I miss knowing every important person, but the urge to find someone newly important, someone new. That is more exhilarating than knowing who’s next well in advance.”

Simisola downed half of her drink. “The way this galaxy is, there isn’t a lot of kindness around. I get to shine an even brighter light on a person’s day in comparison to the darkness, but it gets me down sometimes. Like my purpose on that front is fruitless and unachievable.” Continue reading

Darth Teslief Pt. 5

In the quiet of space five creatures with no Force presence connected with the hull of the Impaler. That deftly avoided the collection of decorative spikes that easily could have spelled their doom. The sixth member of their team had struck one of the spike dead on and he was already forfeit. As the team began doing recon to find the openings in the strange metal ship a group of ten space troopers came into sight wielding carbines with vibroknives and heavy blasters at their hips. Continue reading

Terra Incognita – Chapter 1

Ember didn’t remember much about her life before she met Sorley. What she did remember was very fuzzy and out of focus, like her life before was a dream. The color of the world before she met him was dull and the color of the world after she met him was vibrant. Other changes started to happen after a while as well.

First she started to be able to get glimpses into what Sorley was seeing, hearing, and eventually even thinking. The latter she only really glimpsed when he was thinking particularly hard about something.

Second she was starting to learn how to speak in the language of humans, more specifically in english. Continue reading