Darth Teslief Pt. 5

In the quiet of space five creatures with no Force presence connected with the hull of the Impaler. That deftly avoided the collection of decorative spikes that easily could have spelled their doom. The sixth member of their team had struck one of the spike dead on and he was already forfeit. As the team began doing recon to find the openings in the strange metal ship a group of ten space troopers came into sight wielding carbines with vibroknives and heavy blasters at their hips.– – –

As Darth Teslief approached the fore airlock there were panicked cries over the space trooper comms. She immediately cut the feed, there was no saving them. Turning to a secondary channel she contacted the Captain. “I need more space troopers. Our ten man group was eviscerated by the attack. Send me veterans, not the greenies.”

“Agreed, I’ll send our spacewalk assault team up. I’d recommend waiting for the troopers before going out. If you can’t sense them in the force.” Captain Verik paused for a moment. “The Brotherhood can’t take Dantooine without you.” There was an undertone of something else something akin to personal feelings.

“I’ll try not to die, but according to sensors the assailants are getting close to an airlock. I have to go now.”

“Come back to me,” Verik whispered softly so the mic would pick it up but the bustle of the crew would stifle it.

“Will do.” Teslief entered the airlock, lightsabers in hand and punched the cycle button. The door shut behind her, the air was sucked out, and the outer airlock opened with a small rush of the remaining air. She turned where the sensors told her to and sensed nothing in that direction. She shuddered, wondering what could be so unnatural as to not have a force presence. Even the ysalamir were able to be sensed by the bubble they made, but these creatures just weren’t there.

As she walked the twisted creatures slowly came into view. They had a strange, twisted appearance, and as she got closer she realized that it was a living spacesuit covering the creatures. She put on her mental list to bring one in to dissect, alive if possible.

The creatures turned to look at her, the faces ritualistically scarred with strange cuts. They lifted creatures that vaguely resembled guns and pointed the business end towards her.

Teslief lifted her lightsabers and thumbed them on. The dark crimson blades extended the left one was a few inches shorter and the hilt was a curved shoto. The right saber hilt was a standard design but the blade was less defined and was arcing onto itself angrily. The creatures fired and as Teslief blocked the force was greater than what she thought it would be. Her magnets barley held and she started walking towards them, turning her magnets up slightly to compensate.

– – –

Over the bridge comm Teslief voice could be heard with some crackling interference. “They have some sort of slug throwers. I’ll be fine, but the troopers are going to need the cortosis suits for this fight.

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