Return to Space or The Crash Epilogue

[The eradication of the Erdaz has completed. The Kindness and The Jester meet up on a small planet near to Nevre.]

“Jester,” Simisola began, “I feel that before we took to the stars things were more simple.”

The Jester walked two alcoholic beverages to the table and set them down. “Well, perhaps it was, but I find it more exciting this way.” He leaned back and took a long pull of his beverage. “Sometimes I miss knowing every important person, but the urge to find someone newly important, someone new. That is more exhilarating than knowing who’s next well in advance.”

Simisola downed half of her drink. “The way this galaxy is, there isn’t a lot of kindness around. I get to shine an even brighter light on a person’s day in comparison to the darkness, but it gets me down sometimes. Like my purpose on that front is fruitless and unachievable.”

Suddenly The Jester jerked upright in his chair. “Ah, someone else gets a nudge in the right direction today…or tonight where she is. This’ll be quick.” The Jester popped out of existence at the bar and reappeared on another planet.

Sighing, Simisola finished her drink and pulled The Jester’s towards her. As she did so a large crash sounded from the front of the establishment. A salaman and an emris were fighting against a rather large rasaz. The four arms of the salaman were waving franticly trying to protect himself from the chair the rasaz was swinging while the emris was using her tail to try to trip it. Simisola stood up and started to approach the large, rust-red furred, muscled rasaz.

The rasaz turned to look at the approaching human-god. “Ah, another wants to push my species to the curb.”

The emris glanced at Simisola and smiled. “You really don’t know what you’re in for now. Get ready for the talking to of your life.”

“I don’t think the god of kindness is the best at tongue-lashings…” The salaman said, grabbing the feet of the chair and starting to go on a wild ride.

Muttering to nobody in particular Simisola lifted both hands high into the air then swung them down parallel to the ground, palms forward. All three fighters were pushed up against three different structural beams.

“I’ve had just about enough of the fighting in this galaxy. It’s about time someone did something about it.” She threw her arms out to her sides, still parallel to the ground, and the salaman emris and rasaz flew against the walls. “Now, if you wish to help speak up. Otherwise I’m going to throw you in the trash where you belong.”

The End

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