Darth Teslief Pt. 6

As Teslief advanced through the fire of biological slugthrowers she was able to get a better read on the strange creatures in front of her. She turned on her helmet cam and sent the feed over her comm channel. “I’m sending you my live footage now.”

“I’ll patch it to Grant.”

“And send the acolytes instead of the elites. The ones that can enhance themselves.”

“Are they Force sensitive?”

“Just the opposite.” Teslief sighed with annoyance. “They don’t have a Force presence. I can’t even push them out here, there’s no air pressure to work with.” Teslief paused as she intercepted a projectile. “Just get them out here ASAP.”

– – –

Seveth Steelk, Greel Dlas, and Evran Cra’Ahven hurriedly put on their space-worthy combat suits.

“I wonder what these things are we’re fighting?”

Seveth sighed, “Shut up Greel, it makes you slower.”

Sealing up his suit and turning to check Seveth and Greel’s seals Evran said nothing. Evran almost always said nothing aloud.

“Just drop battle meditation, will you?”

Evran grunted, then an overlay of emotion covered the three of them. Seveth the Cathar female, Greel the faleen male, and Evran the Miraluka male could now hear each other in their heads.

There, I dropped battle meditation. Now let’s get outside. Evran moved to the airlock and opened up the interior door. After you, Seveth.

I don’t want your chivalry, blind man. Seveth purposely bumped into him on her way into the airlock. Not that I mind being first.

– – –

Teslief felt a quickening of her perceptions and reactions as the acolytes came into view. Good, the Miraluka is with you. These things have no presence in the Force. I need some additional firepower. You can see them, right? They have no Force presence.

One of the creatures had approached Darth Teslief while the acolytes were on their way out. The body was caught on a handhold nearby, bisected by Teslief’s lightsabers.

The remaining four creatures were keeping their distance, shooting their strange projectile creatures at Teslief and the newly appeared acolytes.

Yes, I can see them. They’re a little fuzzy, but they are there. Evran pulled out his double-bladed saber and ignited one of the blades.

Greel pulled out his guard shoto, spun it around a few times, then activated the crimson blade.

Seveth tapped the end of her staff on the hull of The Impaler, then engaged the blade of her lightsaber pike.

Have you used your jetpack yet? Evran asked, reaching for the controls with his free right hand.

Not yet, but it’s a maneuver best used with more combatants. You use yours and the rest of us will surround them. Teslief started towards the right. Seveth, take the left. Greel, right down the middle.



I have blastoff!

The three ground troops started running as fast as they could without risking losing contact with the hull while Evran blasted up into space before turning to head back towards the hull of the ship and the awaiting creatures.

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