Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 1 – Ao Vreel

Dagobah is a place filled with the living Force. Trying to reach a new level of insight into the workings of the Force Lousro travels there to study. As he leaves the battle around Dantooine one of the Republic cruisers watching from the edge hails him.

Sighing, Lousro returns the hail. His toydarian wings fluttering at the annoyance. “This is Cowardly Lion. How may I help you?”

“This is Master Alkroot. I’d like to talk to you on behalf of the council if I may. I’ve tagged the hanger on your scanner.”

“Very well. Lousro out.” He shut off the comm and turned to T8-T3. “Tate, take us in to the tagged hanger.”

T8-T3 tweeted an affirmative and the ship turned towards the hanger. T8-T3 whistled. [What do you think’s going on?]

“Some council bureaucracy or something. I hope Tyranna wasn’t meddling again.”

Landing in the ship’s hanger went without a hitch. T8-T3 landed perfectly and the ramp lowered on the armored transport. Waiting at the end of the landing bay was a Pantoran that Lousro assumed was Master Alkroot. He fluttered to him, landed, and bowed. “Master Alkroot, I am Jedi Knight Lousro, at your service.” He straightened up again and fluttered to eye level. “I would however wish to be on my way again as soon as possible. I am going to the other end of the galaxy.”

“Very well, I will make this quick. Come with me, we shall talk on the way.” Master Alkroot led Lousro down a corridor. “Master Tyranna says you are good with Padawans and has recommended you take one for yourself. Usually we don’t have Padawans in a battlezone without a master, but Jedi Knight Rockwalker unfortunately fell at the beginning of the battle before he could meet young Ao Vreel.”

“Ah, yes. Tyranna. She is a great master and if she thinks that I’m ready for this I will trust her judgement.” Lousro paused for a moment. “What species is Ao?”

“He’s a Nautolan. Why do you ask?”

“I was hoping for someone who wouldn’t outgrow me so quickly. Oh well.”

They reached a door in the barracks and Master Alkroot motioned to it. “He is in here. We told him he would be meeting his new master soon.”

“Thank you.” Lousro opened the door and saw a ten year old nautolan sitting on the edge of a bed. “So, are you Padawan Ao Vreel?”

“Yes, are you my new master?” The nautolan looked up with his black orb eyes, his Padawan tassel in his hand. He quickly placed it back on his head.

Lousro nodded. “Yes, I am. We’re going to a planet called Dagobah, are you ready to leave now?”

“Of course, I haven’t unpacked, not that I have much to begin with.” He picked up a small pack next to the bed and the two Jedi left the room, heading towards the Cowardly Lion.

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