Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 2 – A Disturbance

As Ao meditated the ship continued through hyperspace. T8-T3 kept watch on the computers to warn when hyperspace exit was imminent. Lousro was in the same room as Ao, causing distractions and trying to break his concentration.

Leaving the room Lousro went to find T8-T3. “Tate, let’s see how he handles being broken from meditation by a ship’s alarm.”

T8-T3 tweedled something about meddling masters and activated the ship alarm.

In Ao’s room the alarm sounded, pulling him out of empty meditation. In a flurry of movement he grabbed his lightsaber, put on his outer robe, and smacked the comm. “What’s happening?! Do I need to man the guns?!” His voice had barely contained terror in it.

“Cut the alarm Tate. Ao, you remind me of a Padawan I trained with, he was too eager to-“ Lousro stopped mid-sentence, the comm still on.

Acting calmer, having realized the alarm was a test, Ao walked to the cockpit. “What’s wrong, master? You stopped mid lecture. That’s not like you.”

“I felt a disturbance in the Force, like a candle has been put out and the room has grown colder because of it.” Lousro turned to look at his apprentice. “You actually did well to respond quickly in an emergency. I think it’s time for you to practice walking meditation, Ao. I’ll be meditating in my quarters for a couple hours.”

Ao looked at T8-T3 for an answer to Lousro’s behavior. T8-T3 turned his done to stare at Ao. He whistled forlornly indicating that something may be wrong with some companions they left on Dantooine.

In Lousro’s quarters he reached out to seek his friends and was able to sense them. He meditated a while longer, trying to figure out what disturbance might have been.

– – –

When the ship exited hyperspace over Dagobah Lousro was still deep in meditation. As T8-T3 and Ao started orbiting the planet he felt the distant power of Dagobah. It unlocked some potential within Lousro. For the first time, he saw his own vision of the future.

Teslief, who was supposed to be a force to help overcome an invasion, would die at the hands of a Jedi with two lightsabers. One blue, the other white. He couldn’t tell the time frame of her death, but he had the feeling it was after she played her part.

The ship lurched, hitting atmos and breaking Lousro out of the vision. He pressed the call button on the ship comms. “Are we there already?”

Ao responded, “master, you’ve been meditating for twenty hours. Tate and I didn’t want to break you from your concentration.”

“I’m coming to the cockpit. Tate, if you find a good landing zone then take us in.” Lousro paused on his way to the cockpit to grab some soup from the kitchen. It was the last of the soup he made for Jor-val when he got his lightsaber crystal.

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