Imperial Palace

I was able to go inside the gates yesterday and got some pictures! I won’t post pictures with my friends in them here so these aren’t all that I got.

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Some Sketches

I had some free time the past couple of days, so I hooked up my drawing tablet and sketched a couple of starter Pokémon. Being in Japan, Pokémon just felt right.


I think Chikorita looks better. Here are the Japanese names:

  • チコリータ 「chicorita」「chikorita」
  • ゼニガメ「zenigame」「squirtle」

Cerdic the Usual – Ch. 0

Cerdic McNiall was a regular English citizen living in Rawtenstall, Lancashire. One night he stayed late at work filing paperwork. Sighing as he filed the last paper of the second pile of documents he looked at the clock. “11 o’clock? I better get home and go to sleep. I don’t want to fall asleep in the break room again.” Continue reading