Darth Teslief Pt. 8

As the skirmish on the hull of the Impaler continued, a sith destroyer was yanked out of hyperspace next to the Impaler.

The new ship hailed the Impaler, and Captain Erabor Verik took the hail personally. “This is the Impaler. Are you assigned to our fleet? You need to-”

The officer at the other end of the comm cut him off. “Impaler, this is the Perforator. Why is there an active interdiction field on our planned route?”

“Look off your bow and activate your fore shields! You’re in an active battle zone!” Turning away from the comms Erabor turned to the targeting array and highlighted two projectiles heading straight for the Perforator. “We’re establishing a tactics link to your ship computers now. Prepare for impact!”

“That creature is flinging projectiles?! What in the galaxy is going on?” While the comm officer was apparently upset the gunnery and tactical crew members had quickly jumped into action. The shields powered up, and the fore guns began shooting laser blasts at the highlighted projectiles and the ship-sized creature on the edge of the battle.

“Are you the captain of your vessel, or just the comms officer? I need to speak to your captain now.”

There was a shower of static for a moment as the comms on the Perforator were redirected. “This is Captain Elena Bra’ahg, acting captain of the Perforator. I was sent to take command of the Impaler, and you were to take control of the Perforator as Admiral. Congratulations on the promotion, but for now let’s command the ships where we currently find ourselves. Is that Darth Teslief on your hull?”

“Yes, we have helmet feeds going, but it may be better for you to focus on the ship battle. Teslief has the boarding party on the ropes, so to speak. We just need to take down this ship and move on to Dantooine.”

“I’m sorry, Verik, did you say ship?”

“Yes, we’ll send all the information we have on these creatures and their technology to you later. We need to focus on the battle now.” Erabor cut the comms and moved to the tactical officer. “Now that there are two ships will we be able to defeat this creature? I know you have nothing definitive, I’m asking for your opinion.”

“Well, Admiral, I think we have a much better chance now that we have two ships. Judging by the information Darci forwarded to my console the ship was already damaged when we found it.” The tactics officer paused for a moment, adjusting a few targeting reticles on her screen. “If we launch fighter screens to intercept the projectiles and attack the ship itself we should have no problem cutting the creature to shreds. Now that we have both ships there is a higher chance of success and a lower projected casualty count.”

Erabor paused for a moment, considering the options. “If we don’t arrive at Dantooine at all it will be worse than arriving with diminished fighters. Scramble fighters and deploy them as quickly as possible.”


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