Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 5 – A Vision of Darkness

Lousro sat on a damp branch, giving his wings a short rest. “I’ll meditate a while. See if I can locate the ship.” He paused for a moment, scratching at his toydarian survivalist beard. “Why don’t you do a handstand and lift as many sticks and stones into the air as you can while I meditate.

Eyes wide Ao nodded. “I’ll try, master.” Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 4 – Welcome to The Jungle

The landing ramp to the Scarecrow slowly opened revealing the jungle beyond. A horrendous screeching sound echoed through the ship as the ramp hit the open position.

“Awe, kriff! Tate, that tree did more damage than we thought. Don’t try to close the ramp. I’ll have to look at it after my training session.” A few beeps answered from the comm. “I know it’s bad for the ship and you to have this humidity inside, but you’ll just have to close all the bulkhead doors between the cargo bay and the rest of the ship. I’ll use the airlock on the side of the ship until it’s fixed.” There was a short flurry of beeps and whistles. “I’ll build a ramp or stairs or something, and you know you’ve said worse words than kriff in binary multiple times. You’re a bad influence on me.” Continue reading

Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 3 – Landing

The Scarecrow shuddered as it entered the humid atmosphere of Dagobah. Lousro and Ao were at the ramp waiting for the touchdown as T8-T3 piloted the ship.

Pressing the button for the comm Ao called out to T8-T3, “everything okay up there, Tate?”

Rapid beeps and whistles answered in a flustered manner as Lousro was forced to the floor by the ship lurching upward. The landing zone he had chosen from orbit was too unstable to safely land the ship, so T8-T3 had aborted the landing. Continue reading

Pokémon Collection

Cyndaquil joins the collection as a nanoblock figurine. I also have Eevee, Totodile and Chikorita nanoblock figurines that I’ll put together later. The collection grows!

After putting together Cyndaquil I checked what Pokémon figurines exist and realized only five are available in America (Pikachu, the three Kanto starters base form, and Charizard). After the three Johto starters I had to get two packs of two 20 by 20 plates and that’s when I grabbed Eevee. Might as well have as many figurines as plates.