Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 3 – Landing

The Scarecrow shuddered as it entered the humid atmosphere of Dagobah. Lousro and Ao were at the ramp waiting for the touchdown as T8-T3 piloted the ship.

Pressing the button for the comm Ao called out to T8-T3, “everything okay up there, Tate?”

Rapid beeps and whistles answered in a flustered manner as Lousro was forced to the floor by the ship lurching upward. The landing zone he had chosen from orbit was too unstable to safely land the ship, so T8-T3 had aborted the landing.

“Well, looks like we need to do a few scans before we land. Maybe we can meditate while Tate does it himself?” Ao turned to face Lousro who had a pensive look on his face. “Master, is something wrong?”

Flapping his wings to get his toydarian body hovering again Lousro turned to face his nautolan apprentice more directly. “Reach out with your feelings. You should be able to sense it.”

As Ao closed his eyes and began to focus on the planet below him, T8-T3 went in for another pass at landing, bringing the two Jedi closer to the vergence that was Dagobah. Ao’s concentration was broken when the power of the fount of the living Force rushed through him. “I don’t sense what you did, but I do sense the hereness of the planet.” Pausing Ao searched for the right words. “It’s almost like the life on the planet has magnified the Force. I can’t see-” Ao fell unconscious.

Rushing to stop his padawan from connecting with the floor Lousro too felt the rush of the living Force. The impact was much less on him as he was not opening himself up to the Force at the time. “I’m surprised you were able to get anything out opening yourself up to the Force here. Let’s get you strapped to your bed before you get knocked into the bulkheads like a ragdoll.” Carrying his padawan’s unconscious body to his cabin Lousro tried to pinpoint the disturbance he had felt only a moment before. Carefully opening himself up he felt a rush of raw, living energy but after a moment he felt that sickness in the pit of his stomach. He set Ao down and turned on the comm. “Tate, I have a new heading, see if you can take us further to the…uh… You know what, I’ll come up there and point where I want us to go. I don’t know the headings here.”

An insolent set of beeps and whistles answered over the intercom.

“Fine, if you found a good landing zone we’ll just walk through the jungle. Based on my research, the jungle is a good training ground for padawans.” Or rather, Master Tyranna’s research, Lousro thought to himself as he strapped in. Most of the ground on Dagobah was unstable and landing could be a little tricky.

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