Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 4 – Welcome to The Jungle

The landing ramp to the Scarecrow slowly opened revealing the jungle beyond. A horrendous screeching sound echoed through the ship as the ramp hit the open position.

“Awe, kriff! Tate, that tree did more damage than we thought. Don’t try to close the ramp. I’ll have to look at it after my training session.” A few beeps answered from the comm. “I know it’s bad for the ship and you to have this humidity inside, but you’ll just have to close all the bulkhead doors between the cargo bay and the rest of the ship. I’ll use the airlock on the side of the ship until it’s fixed.” There was a short flurry of beeps and whistles. “I’ll build a ramp or stairs or something, and you know you’ve said worse words than kriff in binary multiple times. You’re a bad influence on me.” Continue reading