Lousro on Dagobah Pt. 5 – A Vision of Darkness

Lousro sat on a damp branch, giving his wings a short rest. “I’ll meditate a while. See if I can locate the ship.” He paused for a moment, scratching at his toydarian survivalist beard. “Why don’t you do a handstand and lift as many sticks and stones into the air as you can while I meditate.

Eyes wide Ao nodded. “I’ll try, master.”

“Do your best or do nothing. There is no such thing as trying.” Lousro closed his eyes and focused. On the Force, using his seeking powers to locate the ship. However, every time he tried he saw the flash of training sabers sparring followed by a flash of red. Confused he attempted something else, this time looking into the future to see when he would find the ship again. Not having much control over the ability a scene presented itself that he could not see around.

“Master, we’ve been going around in circles for hours. What do you expect to find?”

“The cave, that’s what.”

The sound of a breaking branch echoed through the forest and Ao grabbed his training saber from his back. “Something’s coming.”

A flash of motion was followed by the hiss of a training saber contacting damp wood. Ao stumbled after striking the branch, kicking a stone protruding from the ground. The ground beneath Ao gave way and he fell into a cleft in a tree trunk.

“Ao!” Lousro heard himself yell as the vision faded.

“Ao!” Lousro heard himself yell as the vision faded.

There was a crash of branches and stones falling, one barely missing Lousro’s snout. “Master, what’s wrong?”

Lousro brushed his beard, pulling a few small leaves out of it. “Nothing, just a vision. I think that cave I sensed earlier is in this direction.”

Following closely behind his master Ao wondered what he could have seen that would have made him call Ao’s name out. Maybe it was a vision of the future and Ao was destined to die in this swamp.

“So, Ao. I want you to do a kind of walking meditation. One where you sense everything around you and become aware of it, all while keeping your mind empty of thoughts.” Lousro hoped that would allow Ao to react more calmly than he had in the vision. The vision appeared to be in the near future, but Lousro knew the future is not set in stone and even seeing the future itself can change the future. “You also need to react to situations more with your thoughts than with your actions. It may get you killed one day to react without thinking. Like accepting a duel from an opponent you’ve witnessed outclassing your abilities several times.”

“But master, we’ve always been taught to take the initiative at the temple.”

“Yes, taking the initiative is a good thing, but it needs to be tempered with wisdom, not haste.” Lousro paused to move a branch out of his way. “I have a friend that would rush headfirst into everything. I can see that getting him killed one day. Kazmor needs to learn calm, and so do you.”

“Yes, master. I will do my best.”

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